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We offer both pre- and fine-shredders - we can help you find a shredder which matches your needs! Our industrial waste shredders offers you capacity up to 200 ton/hour and all the way down to 10 mm!

AIShred: Top 5 Industrial Shredder Machine Manufacturers in ChinaAIShred: Top 5 Industrial Shredder Machine Manufacturers in China

When it comes to building machines for waste disposal and recycling companies, landfill, waste to engery, biomass, RDF/TDF and biogas as well as composting plants have come to the right place at AIShred - top 5 industrial shredder machine manufacturers in China. With its powerful, versatile and extremely durable shredding machines, the company supports its customers reliably and individually. The performance spectrum of the AIShred includes 1, 2 and 4-shaft shredders, crushers, granulators, screening equipment and more in different sizes, performance levels and equipment. At first, AIShred mainly designed and manufactured 2-shaft shredders. Gradually, other machines were developed. The 4-shaft shredders were recently developed and included in the portfolio. "With these four machine types, we are able to reliably shred almost any desired material," reports Fuzhong Wang, owner of AIShred.New Tire Shredding Plant in MacaoFor example, a large plant for shredding old tires was put into operation last year. The

Dual-Shaft Shredder for Sale in AmericanDual-Shaft Shredder for Sale in American

Dual-shaft shredders for sale in American are high-tech machines manufactured by AIShred, a recognized global manufacturer of recycling equipment. AIShred puts special emphasis on the production of shredders, which have already become a legend among processors in USA and around the world. The dual-shaft shredder is a specialized industrial equipment for processing large waste and parts made of plastic and other materials. When you process thick-walled polymer waste, which in its original form crushers or single-shaft shredders are not able to grind to a fine fraction, thus GD dual-shaft shredder is used. Dual-shaft shredders are ideal for shredding plastic drums and canisters, automotive parts, office equipment and other types of bulky plastic waste. The output is a fairly large fraction, which allows you to dispose of large volumes of waste or prepare them for further processing.Dual-Shaft Shredder for Sale in AmericanYou can buy a two-shaft shredder at a competitive price in AIShred company. The price of a

Industrial Shredder ManufacturersIndustrial Shredder Manufacturers

With its wide experience in the field, AIShred is one of the industrial shredder manufacturers gained a reliable position in the sector. It has become a preference for big companies. It increases its business volume day by day with worldwide sales and continues to add value to its customers with its R&D studies and innovative understanding. AIShred is one of the industrial shredder manufacturers that has its resources for the production and shows its difference compared to many manufacturers with its self-sufficiency in all production processes. The industrial shredders and equipment that it produces are made of the highest quality material, thus working for many years while maintaining their efficiency.AIShred Industrial Shredder ManufacturersIndustrial shredder manufacturers provide high-tech material processing for many applications, such as Domestic waste disposal, construction demolition waste disposal, tire recycling, industrial waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal, alternative fuel production, etc

Universal Waste Shredding Machine for SaleUniversal Waste Shredding Machine for Sale

From waste shredding to pre-shredding: AIShred manufacture shredding machines for (almost) all materials, volumes and sizes. For the past years, AIShred has specialized in designing and building shredding machines according to the individual requirements and needs of their customers. "Our customers always get exactly the machine they need for their area of application," reports Ethen. "Advice and individual solutions are particularly important to us and distinguish us!" Depending on the material to be shredded, the available machine types are selected in their different sizes and configurations and configured as required. The company also offers special machines and systems, shredders with special dimensions and other special features. For example, AIShred was commissioned to supply pre- and post-shredding for a biowaste treatment plant in Hebei Chian. For this purpose, the AIShred GD8 rotary shears were adapted to the input material and the local conditions and, among other things, were equipped with an

Industrial Shredder for Mechanical Biological TreatmentIndustrial Shredder for Mechanical Biological Treatment

Mechanical biological treatment plants use municipal solid waste, commercial waste and industrial waste as raw material. Waste is screened and sorted, and all valuable materials are recovered or used in energy production. There are two fundamental issues in mechanical biological treatment (MBT): firstly, how effectively valuable materials can be retained and impurities sorted out; secondly, how much energy is generated from the processed material by composting, anaerobic digestion and biodrying. Improving both the mechanical and biological parts of the process can have a significant impact on the efficiency of the whole plant. A straightforward way to improve productivity is to tailor the waste material to the optimal size for both separation and energy production right at the beginning of the process. Increased capacity is good news for both the environment and profitability of the plant. Proper pre-shredding turns mixed waste into an easy-to-process grain size, regardless of whether it is packed in plastic

Various Industrial Shredder for Bioenergy Utilization AvailableVarious Industrial Shredder for Bioenergy Utilization Available

Bioenergy is energy obtained by using biomass as a fuel, and is an alternative energy that can be used as a material of biological resources. Biomass used as an energy source is an organic matter that stores sunlight in the form of chemical energy, which uses wood, wood waste, straw, manure, sugar cane, and other by-products from various agricultural processes as fuel. Bio energy utilization refers to technologies such as chemical, biological, and combustion engineering that use biomass directly or in the form of liquid, gas, solid fuel, or electrical and thermal energy through bio-chemical and physical conversion processes. Industrial shredder is a necessary pretreatment equipment for large-scale utilization of bioenergy. It efficiently and quickly chops biomass materials into small sizes, which helps to improve the efficiency of subsequent processing. For example, in a biomass power plant, an automated industrial shredding system can continuously supply fuel and shred biomass into the required size, which

Industrial Shredder for Sale, Affordable Price!Industrial Shredder for Sale, Affordable Price!

AIShred develops reliable mobile and stationary shredders for working with solid wastes from MSW to landfill waste and wood. These shredders are designed for industrial scale waste shredding, and their capacity can be from 1 to 80 tons/hour depending on the feed material. AIShred's product range ranges from stationary and mobile shredders for waste disposal to complete systems for the recycling of plastics and wood waste and the production of SRF/RDF fuels. We also develop and execute large projects upon request. AIShred best sellings are double shaft shredder. These are the highest quality low speed shredders designed for shredding household waste, biomass, wood waste, tires, metal and more. The machines are available in hydraulic and electric versions. Industrial Shredder PriceAIShred manufactures and sells different types and specifications of industrial shredders, and their prices vary widely. The cheapest small and simple version of the industrial shredder is less than 10,000 US dollars, and the large

Double-Shaft ShredderDouble-Shaft Shredder

Double-shaft shredders are designed to process flexible and ductile materials, breaking them down for purposes such as destruction, volume reduction, or recycling. Operating at low speeds, these shredders provide exceptional cutting force to handle challenging materials while maintaining very low levels of noise and dust.The most significant challenges faced by double-shaft shredders are the complex working conditions and ever-changing materials. They operate in harsh environments where material streams are constantly shifting and sometimes unpredictable. Insufficient torque can lead to the equipment's inability to complete tasks, sometimes resulting in continuous reversing, wasting energy. Conversely, excessive torque without proper machine performance matching can lead to significant accidents, including catastrophic failures like shaft breakage.With outstanding design concepts, robust raw material selection, exquisite manufacturing craftsmanship, and continuous optimization of control software, GEP