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In today's industrial sector, managing waste efficiently is crucial. GEP ECOTECH offers a range of high-quality industrial shredders that cater to diverse waste management needs, from municipal solid waste (MSW) to landfill waste and wood, all at an affordable price.

Versatile Shredding Solutions

Our shredders are designed for industrial-scale waste processing, with capacities ranging from 1 to 80 tons per hour, depending on the feed material. The product range includes both stationary and mobile shredders, suitable for various applications like plastics and wood waste recycling and SRF/RDF fuel production.

Industrial Shredder

Exceptional Quality and Affordability

At the core of our offerings are the double-shaft shredders, renowned for their low-speed, high-quality shredding of household waste, biomass, wood waste, tires, metal, and more. These machines are available in both hydraulic and electric versions, offering a balance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Industrial Shredder Price Range

The price of our industrial shredders varies widely to accommodate different requirements and budgets. The smaller, simpler models start at less than 10,000 US dollars, while the larger, more complex shredders can reach up to 500,000 US dollars. We encourage potential buyers to contact us for specific product pricing, which may fluctuate due to changes in raw materials, labor, manufacturing costs, and shipping.

GEP ECOTECH: Your Partner in Waste Reduction

As a high-tech enterprise, we are dedicated to the R&D, production, sales, and service of solid waste shredding equipment. Our focus is on sustainable development, providing efficient solutions in solid waste management.

Unlock Unique Experiences with Tailored Solutions

We are committed to offering specialized solutions, quick responses, comprehensive support, and customized systems to meet your specific needs.

Featured Solutions: Our range includes solutions for biomass waste, organic waste, hazardous waste, construction aggregate, and commercial & industrial waste processing.

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