Plant for Production RDF and SRF

Refuse Derived Fuel(RDF) and Solid recovered fuel(SRF) is the final product of a complex production process which is modernly defined as the "chain of differentiation, recovery and recycling of municipal solid waste". RDF/SRF is an excellent fuel with a great energy power and a very limited cost, in addition, turning waste into RDF/SRF also reduces landfill space and many other costs.

RDF/SRF Production Process

The RDF/SRF preparation process consists of several processes: a primary shredding, screening, separation, removal of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and a final shredding.

Different material compositions and specific requirements may increase or decrease certain processes.

At the waste treatment site, Minhang Sanitation Company processes overproduction, bulky waste fractions, large packaging and unsorted municipal solid waste by transforming them into waste-derived fuels (RDF) of various qualities. The company specialized in disposal supplies waste incineration plants, but mainly cement plants, for example with medium calorific value fractions for heat recovery or with high calorific value fractions that replace fossil fuels, for the main burner.

Minhang Sanitation Company is located in Minhang District, Shanghai. It is a private enterprise established in 2009. Its main business scope is the collection, transportation and disposal of various waste in the area. The company has successively purchased 2 sets of GEP ECOTECH shredding plants, one for RDF production and one for processing kitchen waste.

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