What Core Equipment Is Included in a Household Waste SRF Alternative Fuel Treatment Line

Mixed municipal waste contains a large number of recyclable beverage bottles, metals, cardboard and other renewable resources that can be recycled and reused; the content of perishable waste, mainly food waste, accounts for 40-60%, which can be utilized as a biomass energy source; and the largest proportion is still high-calorific-value combustibles, which can be prepared as "alternative fuels (RDF/SRF)" to reduce the use of coal combustion.

Mixed Municipal Waste

AIShred, as a manufacturer of solid waste pre-processing equipment, offers a complete range of proven and reliable systems and equipment for the preparation of alternative fuels (SRF) based on the three main pre-processing objectives of mixed domestic/other waste: "sorting of recyclables", "extraction of organic matter", and "preparation of combustible materials for RDF/SRF".

Domestic Garbage Alternative Fuel (SRF) Preparation System) preparation system

The whole set of domestic garbage alternative fuel (SRF) preparation system adopts the automatic process design of "feeding - bag breaking - screening - recycling - crushing - transportation", which can effectively resource, reduce and harmless treatment of urban residents' domestic garbage, and sort out recyclable garbage such as "plastic products, metals", etc.; and extract paper, plastics and other high calorific value combustible materials from the garbage to prepare SRF fuel, which can be provided to coal-burning enterprises for coal-burning substitution. "It can effectively resourceize, reduce and harmlessly treat urban residential waste, from which it can sort out recyclable waste such as plastic products and metals, which can be used for resource recycling; and extract high calorific value combustibles such as paper and plastics from the waste and prepare them into SRF fuel, which can be supplied to coal-burning enterprises for coal-burning substitution to achieve the purpose of carbon reduction. The selected food waste can also be aerobically fermented to produce organic fertilizer, which can be used for soil improvement in landscaping; thus practicing the strategic goal of "Double Carbon" and creating a benchmark of green environmental protection equipment system.

The Domestic Waste Alternative Fuel (SRF) preparation system includes the following core equipment:

1.Double shaft shredder

Double Shaft Shredder

2.Chain conveyor can be used to convey materials

Chain Conveyor

3.Wind separator can wind out light and heavy materials

Wind separator

4.Fine shredder

Fine Shredder

5.Briquetting machine can be used for raw materials for compression molding

Briquetting Machine

The whole processing line will reduce the amount of waste, reduce the amount of waste that needs to be transported and disposed of, and then produce a variety of different materials: (1) plastic products, metals and other recyclable resources; (2) high calorific value of the SRF fuel, used in power plants, cement plants, etc.; (3) organic matter-based mixture, transferred to the fermentation plant for food waste disposal;

The development of the SRF preparation system fully demonstrates AI Shred's concept of "Resourcefulness, Minimization and Harmlessness" for waste-free construction, and realizes "turning waste into treasure".

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