Medical Waste Treatment — Get Yourself One 20-Year Warranty Shredding System

GEP ECOTECH has been committed to manufacturing shredding systems for medical waste since 2013.

Our shredders serve over 20 project sites in hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities and treatment centers around the world, which have been running well in the shredding of soft and hard materials.

Although not all wastes generated in medical institution are called medical waste, appropriate treatment of waste will help with reduction of medical waste and medical waste must be disposed of carefully to prevent the spread of disease and environmental contamination.

With the advancement of medical techniques and the expansion of medical fields, this Management&Collection--Transportation--Treatment(Sterilization autoclave & Shredder system to reduce its size and remove the risk areas)--Disposal(treated like other municipal waste) chain has become the worldwide mainstream in medical waste treatment. While, shredding is the VITAL STEP.

  1. GEP has the highest processing quality and strongest production ability. (Adopting Germany imported NiCrMo cutters and heat-refined 42CrMo shafts)
  2. GEP Intelligent control and monitoring system (GI system)
  3. Complete service & mature project experience 

Medical Waste Treatment Plant

Tailored Turnkey Solutions

Recognizing the uniqueness of each processor, GEP ECOTECH’s knowledgeable team of engineers, sales professionals, and project managers consider material types, space constraints, quality standards, operational goals, budget, etc. when developing or enhancing your scrap recovery initiatives. The result is a truly turnkey solution, tailored to meet our customers’ objectives, that seamlessly integrates into their existing operations.


Contact us today to explore how GEP ECOTECH can help you develop or optimize a production scrap recovery program, or customize a cutting-edge solution to meet your organization's goals.

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