Hazardous Waste Incineration Disposal Difficulties and Solutions

With the acceleration of industrialization, the generation of hazardous waste has increased year by year, and hazardous waste incineration and disposal has become a common treatment method. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and harmlessness, however, this treatment method faces many problems and challenges in practical application. In this paper, we will discuss the current situation, problems, and possible resource solutions of hazardous waste incineration and disposal.

Current status of hazardous waste incineration for disposal

Disposal of hazardous wastes refers to the incineration of hazardous wastes and other methods of changing their physical, chemical and biological properties to reduce the amount of waste generated, reduce the volume of solid hazardous wastes, reduce or eliminate their hazardous constituents, or hazardous wastes are finally placed in a place or facility that meets environmental protection regulations and is no longer retrieved.

There are two main types of hazardous waste treatment: resource-based and non-hazardous. Resource utilization generally refers to the treatment of hazardous wastes that are defined as hazardous wastes but have a high reuse value and are recycled. Harmlessness generally refers to the treatment of hazardous waste in a series of ways to suspend or eliminate its harmful effects on the environment or human beings.

Process Flow for Hazardous Waste Disposal

The process of hazardous waste incineration and disposal generally includes the following steps:

1. Pre-treatment: Pre-treatment of waste such as classification, crushing, drying, etc. to make it meet the incineration requirements.

Hazardous Waste Pre-treatment

2. Feeding: put the pre-treated waste into the incinerator.

3. Combustion: control the temperature, oxygen concentration and other parameters in the incinerator, so that the waste is fully combusted. 4.

4. Flue gas treatment: carry out dust removal, desulfurization, denitrogen removal and other treatments on the flue gas produced in the combustion process to make it meet the emission standards.

5. Ash treatment: carry out harmless treatment and utilization of the ash produced after combustion.

Hazardous waste pre-processing systems

GEP ECOTECH Hazardous Waste Pretreatment Systems are available with either one or two stage crushing processes, depending on the customer's requirements for the size of the material to be discharged. In order to adapt to the complex material characteristics of industrial hazardous waste, the hazardous waste pretreatment system is usually driven by hydraulic motors, with large crushing ratio and higher stability. Hazardous waste pretreatment system is the front-end pretreatment equipment urgently needed for the harmless disposal and resource utilization of hazardous waste, which solves the technical problem that hazardous waste is difficult to be cleanly disposed of and comprehensively utilized with high value-added, and significantly improves the technical level of hazardous waste disposal.

 Hazardous waste pre-processing system

After the hazardous waste is put into the feeding hopper, the elevator drives the feeding hopper up in the sealed automatic device. When the feed hopper reaches the top of the hazardous waste crushing building, the feed hopper automatically turns over and pours the hazardous waste into the feed bin of the shredder, and the pushing device squeezes the hazardous waste downward to accelerate the crushing speed of the material and improve the crushing efficiency. The main machine of the hazardous waste shredder crushes into small pieces, which are sent to the crushing pit through the discharge hopper, waiting for the next step.

Technical Advantages

01 Imported hydraulic technology

Constant power control, high torque, long life; host design vibration damping device to improve the stability of equipment operation;

Hydraulic motor

02 Automatic Fire Fighting System

Equipped with automatic fire-fighting device, the equipment can automatically detect, shut down and close the fire gate when it encounters fire, and automatically start the fire-fighting system to protect the safe operation of the production line in real time.

Automatic Fire Fighting System

03 High quality control

GEP ECOTECH production workshop has many sets of large-scale CNC machining centers, strictly in accordance with ISO9001 production processing, quality control and high-precision processing, craftsmanship out of fine products.

GEP ECOTECH factories

04 Real-time monitoring

Hazardous waste crushing intelligent control system, software copyright registration number: 2019SR0067385, multiple intelligent operation and maintenance protection system, real-time online monitoring, production data can be retrospective analysis.


intelligent control system

Prospects and Applications of Hazardous Waste Incineration and Disposal

At present, hazardous waste incineration and disposal has been widely used at home and abroad. In China, with the continuous strengthening of environmental protection policies and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the hazardous waste incineration and disposal industry has been developing rapidly. Many enterprises have invested in the construction of hazardous waste incineration and disposal facilities to improve the capacity and efficiency of hazardous waste treatment. At the same time, the government has also increased the supervision of the hazardous waste incineration and disposal industry, promoting the standardization and sustainable development of the industry.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Project


GEP ECOTECH, focusing on solid waste crushing, sorting and resourceful disposal, provides solid waste pretreatment equipment and resourceful solutions. With more than 20 years of advanced equipment manufacturing experience, perfect independent processing capability, advanced electromechanical liquid and Internet of Things technology, the production plant provides users with system solutions, high-end environmental protection equipment, professional after-sales maintenance, quality spare parts and other services.

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