What is Hazardous Waste Disposal Equipment?

Hazardous waste is toxic, harmful, volatile and other wastes that cause serious harm to human body, such as chemical drums, the internal residual chemical liquid, etc. For the disposal of this type of material, we must first ensure the safety of disposal, and today we lead you to understand our JEP's hazardous waste disposal equipment.

GEP ECOTECH shredder in safety protection is divided into two ways: shredding system safety protection is divided into: (1), passive (carbon dioxide or dry powder, steam) fire extinguishing, that is, in the shredding process after the fire triggers the induction system alarm at the same time to open the fire extinguishing system; (2), active: at present mainly nitrogen protection, that is, before the shredder starts, the shredding system is injected with nitrogen, when the oxygen content in the shredding area is below a certain value, the shredding system starts to work. An online oxygen monitoring system is used to analyse and monitor the oxygen content of the shredding area.

The shredder works by shearing, tearing and squeezing between the cutters to reduce the size of the waste material. GEP ECOTECH's cutters not only ensure their hardness but also take into account wear resistance and toughness, in addition to the fact that the hardness of the cutter and shaft connection part cannot exceed the surface hardness of the shaft, otherwise it will cause damage to the surface of the shaft in the process of use. Cutters repair using welding type (cutter maintenance there are several: online welding repair; disassembly back to the factory repair level, add new cutters Note: the market online welding type is more.) Repair, the cutters on both sides of the wear-resistant layer as thick as possible, wear-resistant layer of material as far as possible with the filler welding wire material to maintain the same, so that the effect of filler welding can reach good.

Good sealing effect of shredding system: from the shredder mainframe equipment alone, if the sealing effect of the bearing box is not good, the liquid debris in the waste material into the bearing box will directly damage the bearing and bearing seat, etc., so the sealing system of the bearing box adopts multiple sealing forms (partition plate to separate the waste material; labyrinth seal; grease injection pressure, rubber sealing ring, etc.). In addition, the sealing between the main body of the shredder and the various connections is essential to avoid the leakage of liquids from the various connections, which can pollute the external environment. This requires the long experience and know-how of the shredder supplier. If the shredding system is equipped with a nitrogen protection system, the design of the sealing doors (where frequent movements tend to leak liquid) is essential. There are also various connections that must be considered for gas leakage.

Double-Shaft Shredder

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