Waste Disposal Equipment

AIShred waste disposal equipment include industrial shredders, crushers, screens, separating equipment and others. AIShred can designs complete waste disposal system according to needs.


Domestic Waste Disposal Production Line Equipment for Sale to Pakistan

Through designing innovative technologies to dispose of urban domestic waste, developing customized domestic waste solutions, obtaining new value from waste through domestic waste disposal production lines, turning waste into resources and giving new life to waste. This is the mission that AIShred has been pursuing for many years.Over the years, AIShred has never stopped research and development, achieved multiple goals and developed innovative solutions that can dispose of a variety of…


Bulky Waste Shredding & Disposal Plant Exported to Australia

Bulky waste refers to waste furniture and other domestic wastes that are generated in daily life or activities providing services for daily life, weigh more than 5kg, have a volume of more than 0.2m3 or have a length of more than 1m, and have strong integrity and need to be disassembled. For example: waste bed frame, mattress, sofa, table, chair, wardrobe, bookcase, waste household appliances, kitchen appliances, sanitary appliances and other large items. Recently, an Australian furniture…


Automobile Shredder Residue(ASR) Recycling

Auto shredder residue (ASR), also referred to as auto shredder fluff, shedder light fraction (SLF), residues from shredding (RESH) or simply “auto fluff” of “fluff”, is the fraction of an shredded end-of-life vehicle (ELV). In the past, it was landfilled. Now, They can now be sorted and recycled thanks to AIShred's sorting and shredding technology. It can prevent this useful and valuable material from taking up the dwindling space in landfills and contribute to a cleaner, safer environment.The…


What is Hazardous Waste Disposal Equipment?

Hazardous waste is toxic, harmful, volatile and other wastes that cause serious harm to human body, such as chemical drums, the internal residual chemical liquid, etc. For the disposal of this type of material, we must first ensure the safety of disposal, and today we lead you to understand our JEP's hazardous waste disposal equipment.AIShred shredder in safety protection is divided into two ways: shredding system safety protection is divided into: (1), passive (carbon dioxide or dry powder,…