The Recycling of Waste Tires

With the rapid development of the automobile industry and the increase of cars, the number of scrap tires produced each year is also increasing. According to statistics, the world is expected to produce a total of about 2.35 billion tires in 2021, and the number is increasing year by year, causing serious harm to the environment. And scrap tires are treasures everywhere, and can be recycled after treatment, so the treatment of scrap tires is not only environmentally friendly but also has huge economic benefits.

GEP ECOTECH Tyre Recycling Plant

There are three main directions of reusing waste tires:

  1. Waste tire cement kiln co-disposal: With the continuous increase of coal price and the implementation of double carbon policy, cement enterprises start to layout alternative fuel projects for waste tires, which is a very good high calorific value fuel that can save cost and reduce carbon emission.
  2. Thermal cracking of waste tires: The steel wire, carbon black, fuel oil and combustible gas after thermal cracking of waste tires can be obtained. These cracking products have high economic value and really turn waste into treasure.
  3. Waste tire grinding: Waste tires are processed in a series to get rubber powder of different sizes, generally in 20-80 mesh. Rubber powder of different particle sizes have different uses, such as used as modified asphalt, rubber runway, recycled rubber, etc.

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