Domestic Waste Disposal Production Line Equipment for Sale to Pakistan

Through designing innovative technologies to dispose of urban domestic waste, developing customized domestic waste solutions, obtaining new value from waste through domestic waste disposal production lines, turning waste into resources and giving new life to waste. This is the mission that GEP ECOTECH has been pursuing for many years.

Over the years, GEP ECOTECH has never stopped research and development, achieved multiple goals and developed innovative solutions that can dispose of a variety of domestic waste. Our domestic waste disposal production lines have been put into operation in a number of projects, and have been unanimously recognized by customers both at home and abroad. At the beginning of June this year, a resource recycling company in Pakistan finally decided to cooperate with us to purchase a set of domestic waste disposal production line equipment with a processing capacity of 200 tons per month after a year of market research and comparison, which is currently in production.

Domestic Waste

Introduction to Domestic Waste Disposal Production Line

Due to the characteristics of mixed materials, domestic waste needs special treatment. GEP ECOTECH has developed two production lines for domestic waste disposal. A series of machines can greatly reduce the steps in material treatment and ensure output.

Primary Domestic Waste Disposal Production Line

The raw domestic waste is conveyed to the coarse crusher through the conveyor for coarse crushing, and the crushed materials enter the trommel screen for screening. The materials with particle size >40mm ;on the screen are separated by the magnetic separator and the air separator to obtain usable metals, heavy substances and light substances, and the light substances are continuously transported to the fine crusher for fine crushing to obtain RDF fuel meeting the feeding size. And the under sieved materials with particle size <40mm screened by the trommel screen and the heavy materials sorted by the air separator are sent back to the landfill.

Domestic Waste Shredder

Stale Domestic Waste Disposal Production Line

The stale garbage is transported to the trommel screen for screening, and the materials withe the particle size >40mm on the screen are sent to the shredder, air separator and fine crusher for crushing, sorting and fine crushing in turn, and the obtained light combustible materials are compressed and sold as alternative fuels; The metal selected by the magnetic separator is recycled; The heavy inert materials sorted out by the air separation system, for example building materials, can be used as subgrade materials and recycled building materials. Materials with particle size <40mm below the screen are landfill soil and humus, which are transported to the landfill site for backfilling, greening or composting.

Domestic Waste Shredder Plant

In addition to the design of the whole domestic waste disposal production line, GEP ECOTECH can also provide a single machine according to the disposal needs of customers. For example, our domestic waste crusher is specially designed for the disposal of different types of domestic waste, and can even effectively dispose of high-density waste. Should ;you need to know more about the domestic waste resource utilization and domestic waste disposal production line, do not hesitate to contact us!

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