What are the advantages of AIShred's E-waste shredding and disposal lines?

The proliferation of electronic products has brought with it the issue of disposal of obsolete electronic products. E-waste resource disposal has become a topic of great concern. The method implemented for the recycling of e-waste is physical shredding, and after the shredding and sorting of the e-waste disposal production line, the recycling rate of e-waste is greatly improved.

E-waste is a huge hazard, but the value of recycling is also quite large. If after concentrated processing, a relatively high level of renewable resources can be separated, such as copper, iron, aluminium and gold and silver and other metal substances. Waste circuit boards contain up to 60% of metals, of which copper is more, in addition to gold, silver and tin and other rare metals.

GEP ECOTECH intelligent electronic waste shredding and disposal line is a professional intelligent solid waste shredding equipment designed for electronic waste materials, through the European CE certification, the dynamic knife is made of high wear-resistant alloy steel material imported from Europe, with very strong wear resistance and high strength and other characteristics. The main shaft is made of special material, which has been heat-treated and processed with high precision for many times, with good mechanical strength, high fatigue and impact resistance and long service life. In addition, the intelligent e-waste shredding equipment adopts intelligent technology to realize automatic lubrication, intelligent detection, abnormal alarm, and design intelligent protection system for unbreakable materials, which reduces maintenance cost and risk of failure and guarantees long-term healthy operation of the equipment.

Advantages of GEP ECOTECH e-waste shredding line

  1. Integral frame, forged with wear-resistant plates, can resist high torque
  2. Designed overload protection system to protect the blade and knife shaft
  3. GEP ECOTECH professional intelligent dust reduction system, energy saving and environmental protection
  4. Imported reducer and bearing, high transmission efficiency, high output torque
  5. Design shock absorption device, stable operation, low noise
  6. Intelligent terminal control, high degree of automation, easy to operate

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