E-Waste Shredder

E-waste can recycle plastics and metals while reducing its pollution to soil and water. E-Waste Shredder is an important equipment for automatic e-waste recycling production line. AIShred offers E-Waste shredder and complete system for e-waste recycling.


How to Choose a Suitable LED Lampshade Waste Shredder

Choosing a suitable LED lampshade waste shredder is a critical decision for businesses or facilities involved in recycling or disposing of these materials. To make an informed choice, consider the following factors:Type of Lampshade Material: LED lampshades can be made of various materials, including plastic, glass, and metal. The type of material will significantly influence your choice of shredder. For example, plastic lampshades require a different shredding process than glass or metal ones.…


Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Shredder

Nowadays, lithium battery recycling has become a business that not only reduces environmental pollution but also brings substantial profits. These lithium batteries contain numerous precious metals, and recycling them not only helps in reducing environmental pollution but also creates significant economic value. With the continuous advancement of technology, more and more organizations are starting or preparing to extract precious metals like lithium and cobalt from discarded batteries.AIShred…


The Recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment(WEEE)

Electronic and electrical equipment are widely used in our daily and industrial activities. The waste electronic and electrical equipment(WEEE) should be properly disposed according to different types, and its effective resources should be recycled to avoid pollution. Generally speaking, the factories authorized to handle these electronic and electrical wastes have machines and equipment for safe disposal of these wastes. Generally, there are different production lines in the same factory,…


ASR and E-Waste Processing with AIShred Shredder

A Chinese recycling company named Central Plains Environmental Protection(CPEP) operates a recycling plant planned and implemented by AIShred - designed for processing various materials such as automotive shredder residue (ASR), electrical and electronic scrap (WEEE) and selectric motors and motor armatures. The process developed together with the company is based on an economic analysis and ensures marketable end products.As part of capacity expansion efforts, CPEP choses a facility that would…


Waste Circuit Board Shredder for Sale to Australia

Electronic products make our life convenient and colorful. At the same time, the upgrading of various electronic products is also more and more frequent, which will lead to a large number of electronic waste each year. According to the "2020 Global E-waste Monitoring" data released by the United Nations, about 5,360 tons of e-waste were produced in the world in 2019. Circuit boards are an important part of e-waste. Therefore, a large number of waste circuit boards are produced every year.…


Electronics Scrap Shredder for Sale

The AIShred GD6 twin-shaft waste shredders are designed by Luhao, technical director of the company. The GD6 combines years of design developments in waste reduction with the latest technology. The hydraulic drive of the shredder allows you to work effectively with almost any material, including large fractions. The shredder is suitable for processing electronic and bulky waste (including large refrigerator, washing machine, sofa, pallets, logs), green waste and biomass, as well as for MSW.The…


Waste Printer Shredder for Sale

Dot matrix printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, dye-sublimation printers, etc. are common types of office printers. Scrap and discarded printers can be shredded into small pieces using industrial shredders to facilitate recycling of plastics and metals, while reducing pollution from stacking.AIShred's shredder can shred all WEEE, please leave us a message.

Waste Refrigerator Shredder for Sale

Abandoned refrigerators take up space and pollute the environment. After shredding them, plastics, ferrous metals, and non-ferrous metals are separated. The materials can be sold to recyclers for profit. In some places, you can also get subsidies from the government.


Battery Recycling Shredding Machine for Sale

Batteries are currently the main electrical energy storage devices, consisting of packaging materials, electrolytes, anode and cathode materials. Batteries are widely used and there are many types, from the current popular Tesla cars to various electronic products, batteries are used everywhere. Because of this, waste batteries are eroding our environment, and many countries have begun to pay attention to the recycling of waste batteries.At present, the commonly used types of batteries include…


What are the advantages of AIShred's E-waste shredding and disposal lines?

The proliferation of electronic products has brought with it the issue of disposal of obsolete electronic products. E-waste resource disposal has become a topic of great concern. The method implemented for the recycling of e-waste is physical shredding, and after the shredding and sorting of the e-waste disposal production line, the recycling rate of e-waste is greatly improved.E-waste is a huge hazard, but the value of recycling is also quite large. If after concentrated processing, a…


Electronic Waste Shredding & Recycling

Electronic waste (WEEE), which contains a wide range of electronic and electrical equipment, is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. E-waste contains many heavy metals and toxic substances, and improper storage and disposal can lead to serious environmental pollution. Countries and international organisations around the world have developed comprehensive laws and regulations for the disposal of e-waste.The shredding of e-waste is the first stage in the environmentally sound treatment…


Electric Appliance Shredding & Recycling

Household appliances include white goods, black goods and small goods. They are used in huge quantities and are wasted or discarded in large quantities, causing waste and pollution. Crushing of household appliances reduces their size and separates out useful materials such as plastic and metal for further processing.AIShred designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment for electrical shredding and sorting lines to meet the needs of different sizes of electrical items for shredding and…