Electronics Scrap Shredder for Sale

The GEP ECOTECH GD6 twin-shaft waste shredders are designed by Luhao, technical director of the company. The GD6 combines years of design developments in waste reduction with the latest technology. The hydraulic drive of the shredder allows you to work effectively with almost any material, including large fractions. The shredder is suitable for processing electronic and bulky waste (including large refrigerator, washing machine, sofa, pallets, logs), green waste and biomass, as well as for MSW.

The special shaft geometry, asynchronous drive and double-jaw gripping system ensure high throughput and a uniform end product.

Electronics Scrap Shredder

Our shredder can process the following electronics scrap:

  • Electronic equipment
  • Printed (circuit) boards
  • Cables
  • Appliances
  • Computers

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