Waste Circuit Board Shredder for Sale to Australia

Electronic products make our life convenient and colorful. At the same time, the upgrading of various electronic products is also more and more frequent, which will lead to a large number of electronic waste each year. According to the "2020 Global E-waste Monitoring" data released by the United Nations, about 5,360 tons of e-waste were produced in the world in 2019. Circuit boards are an important part of e-waste. Therefore, a large number of waste circuit boards are produced every year. Random accumulation not only pollutes the environment, but also wastes resources. In this June, an Australian customer purchased our GD3 double shaft shear shredder for recycling of waste circuit boards.

Waste Circuit Board

The circuit board is a treasure, containing many precious metals, such as copper, gold, aluminum, nickel, lead, silicon, etc., including rare metals. At the same time, with the national requirements for the utilization rate of solid waste treatment, the recycling of waste circuit boards is bound to usher in a prosperous market, that is, the recycling of waste circuit boards can not only bring high economic benefits, but also have important environmental protection significance.

How to Recycle Waste Circuit Board

There are many ways to recycle circuit boards, such as physical method, chemical method, biological method, etc. the process flow of each method is different. From the aspects of environmental protection, process, operation, investment cost, etc., each has its advantages and disadvantages, and professional design is needed.

In the process of recycling circuit boards, there is a necessary procedure, that is, crushing. The discarded circuit board is processed to a smaller size by crushing equipment, which is conducive to the next step of processing. The double shaft shear shredder is usually used for the crushing of waste circuit boards. As the flagship product of GEP ECOTECH, the double shaft shear shredder provides high-quality solutions for many customers in the recycling industry of waste circuit boards.

Waste Circuit Board Shredder


GEP ECOTECH has a production base of efficient intelligent environmental protection equipment, covering an area of more than 66,600 square meters. A full set of processing equipment ensures the independent production and processing accuracy of all core components. From raw material selection, equipment processing, equipment installation and commissioning, and after-sales service, GEP ECOTECH provides a comprehensive solution to help the stable and efficient operation of the project.

If you want to enter the waste circuit board recycling industry to learn more about the industry, or you want to find a first-class equipment manufacturer, please feel free to contact GEP ECOTECH.

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