Recycling of waste electronic products is the engine of circular economy development

On February 12, 2019, Dell China's official Weibo account announced that Dell had completed its 2020 recycling target of 2 billion pounds (900,000 tons) of used electronics ahead of schedule. Dell's goal is to recycle 2 billion pounds (900,000 tons) of e-waste by 2020.

E-waste mainly includes all kinds of computers, communication equipment, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other electronic and electrical products that are discarded after use. The current recycling rate of e-waste is relatively low, and data released by the UN e-waste coalition shows that as much as 48.5 million tonnes of e-waste was generated worldwide last year. The UN expects that by 2050, the total annual global e-waste will reach 120 million tonnes, while only 20% of this e-

waste will enter recycling.

Electronic Waste

Today's science and technology is changing rapidly, and the pace of technological iterations is really fast. When our electronics are damaged or obsolete for various reasons, a huge amount of electronic waste is generated. In the last 10 years, nearly 10 billion mobile phones alone have been scrapped, not to mention many more PC parts. Waste household appliances contain six main hazardous substances: lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PVC plastic and brominated flame retardants. If waste electronic products are discarded as general waste into the wilderness or rubbish, the heavy metals contained in them, such as lead, will penetrate and pollute the soil and water, and the food chain cycle of plants, animals and people will eventually cause poisoning; if they are incinerated, a large amount of harmful gases such as dioxins will be released, threatening the health of human beings.

GEP ECOTECH e-waste shredder.

  1. GI intelligent patented technology, remote monitoring and diagnosis
  2. GI intelligent technology is used to control and monitor the entire production process in real time, real-time online operation status monitoring and centralized control, timely feedback of operation data to the general control centre, remote diagnosis and control of the production line through the mobile phone APP or computer terminal, to achieve automatic memory, data analysis, fault prediction, alarm shutdown, linkage control, intelligent maintenance and other functions, forming an effective early warning mechanism, effectively reducing the equipment It can reduce the failure rate and maintenance time, reduce maintenance and operation costs, and greatly improve the operation efficiency of the production line.
  3. Integrated cutter box design, stable and reliable
  4. The integral cutter box, annealed after welding, ensures better mechanical strength; at the same time, the use of CNC machining centre ensures high machining accuracy, prolongs the service life of the equipment and saves maintenance costs.
  5. The fixed cutters are independently removable and wear-resistant
  6. Each fixed cutter can be dismantled and installed independently, which can be dismantled quickly in a short time, greatly reducing the workload of workers and improving production continuity.
  7. Unique cutter design, easy to maintain and replace.The raw material of the cutter is made of imported alloy steel, which has a long service life and good interchangeability, making it easy to maintain and replace the cutter at a later stage.
  8. High shaft strength, fatigue resistance and impact resistance
  9. The shaft is made of high-strength alloy steel, which has been heat-treated and processed with high precision for many times, with good mechanical strength, strong fatigue and impact resistance and long service life.
  10. Imported bearings and multiple combination seals.

Adopting imported bearings and multiple combination type seals, high load resistance, long service life, dustproof, waterproof and anti-fouling, guaranteeing continuous and stable operation of the machine.

The circular economy of electronic equipment will be able to make precious electronic waste reuse in new electronic products and parts to a large extent, thus greatly enhancing the productivity of our scarce natural resources and facilitating the development of our country into a circular economy.

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