Twin-Shaft Shredder for Sale in Europe

If you are looking to source solid waste shredders within Europe, you may be interested in learning about our twin shaft shredders.

Our two-shaft shredders are slow-running rotary shears that are mainly used for pre-shredding different materials. Depending on the type of waste and the throughput, we recommend models from our small, medium or heavy series.

Twin shaft Shredder

The GEP ECOTECH twin-shaft shredders work according to the following principle: The material is fed into the cutting unit via a hopper. A cutting knife shaft system, consisting of two shafts with offset arranged knives, draws in the input material and shreds it in strips. The width of the strips is determined by the blade width. Side-mounted scrapers ensure that the material is scraped down and not pulled back in. The slow speed of our twin-shaft shredders guarantees low-noise and low-dust operation.

GEP ECOTECH Shredder Advantages

Oversized and involute toothed cutter shafts
The use of simple and inexpensive hexagonal cutter blocks is widespread with rotary shears, but has many disadvantages. That is why only high-quality, oversized, involute-toothed cutter shafts are used in the GEP ECOTECH twin-shaft shredders. Due to the high surface pressure when using toothed knife shafts and knives, the knives can be removed from the knife shafts again without any problems when replacing them.
Fast knife change
From a certain series, the cutter shafts on the GEP ECOTECH Two-shaft shredders can be completely changed, for this purpose the bearing plates are designed in a divided form. To change the blade shaft, the upper halves of the bearing plates are loosened and removed. The old cutter blocks can be completely lifted out and the new cutter blocks inserted. Many of our customers have a second set of cutter blocks. If the knives are worn out, the operators can easily replace the shafts themselves. The removed shafts can be sent to us for overhaul (see hardfacing of the cutting blades).
contaminant detection
With our two-shaft shredders, the power consumption of the motor is monitored. In the case of extraneous matter, i.e. if the power consumption is too high, the cutting unit stops automatically. The cutterbar reverses (turns against the working direction) and then turns back in the working direction. This process is usually repeated three times (this can be set as required), then the cutting unit stops.
rubber buffers
The gears of our rotary shears are mounted in rubber buffers. As a result, extreme shock loads are absorbed and not transferred to the gearbox. The peak loads are absorbed by the rubber buffers. This enables us to achieve significantly longer running times on the gearbox and motor.
Hardfacing of the cutting blades

If necessary, worn cutting blades of our twin-shaft shredders can be refurbished by us. Armor plating is cheaper than using new knives, and armored knives also wear less. The worn knives are hard-faced by us using a robot and the knife regains its original contour with our high-speed milling machine. By grinding all knives and spacer rings, they are given an even width and can easily be reinstalled in the existing machine.

GEP ECOTECH Shredder Application

Our two-shaft shredders are suitable for a wide variety of waste and can be used as the first step in a shredding plant before granulators if required. Which model from which series is the right one depends on the type of waste and the throughput volume. Depending on the material and machine type, our small series creates between 50-500 kg of waste per hour and shreds leftovers, containers up to 30 l, bones and glass. With a throughput of 600-1000 kg per hour, the mid-range models are the right choice. Among other things, they can shred production waste, slaughterhouse waste, containers up to 120 l as well as paper and glass. The heavy series processes up to 18 t per hour. Due to the high load, the knife shafts on these machines are completely interchangeable and can be armored if necessary. The different models are suitable, among other things, for shredding bulky waste such as plastic and steel drums, bulky waste and electronic scrap, as well as for shredding tires from cars and trucks.


As a manufacturer of shredding machines in the form of rotor shears, granulators, and vertical shredders, we cover various applications relating to waste grinding. Our range of service comprises the whole production process – from the design of the shredding machine to construction, in-house production, start-up, and on-site service. As producer and service provider for the waste industry we also value our environmentally friendly production process. Our sturdy machines are known for their efficiency and maintenance-friendly operation all over the world. Regardless of whether you wish to shred paper, plastic, wood, commercial or domestic waste, we are experts with any type of material and offer the right machine for your needs.

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