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In Europe, there are always many options for purchasing shredders, but I believe that GEP ECOTECH's equipment will always give you unexpected surprises. Professional skills, timely information, almost the same equipment as European suppliers, competitive prices and enough respect are the reasons why many customers choose us.

Solid & Bulky Waste Shredder MachineSolid & Bulky Waste Shredder Machine

Due to the large volume and inconvenient transportation of solid, bulky waste, it is often necessary to reduce the volume and quantity of bulky waste in the process of resource recycling, and then recycle and reuse the materials according to different material properties and needs. A recycling company from Europe purchased a set of bulky waste shredder machine from our company, including related chain plate conveyor, belt conveyor, intelligent control system and other equipment, in order to achieve the purpose of resource recycling and reuse of bulky waste. Now let's learn about some related issues of large waste disposal. Definition of Bulky WasteLarge waste refers to solid items that are large in volume and strong in integrity and need to be separated and reprocessed. Including waste household appliances (waste refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, etc.) and furniture (such as sofas, mattresses, cabinets, etc.).Disposal Process of Bulky Waste Resource RecyclingThe bulky waste shredder uses the

Biomass Shredder for Sale in EuropeBiomass Shredder for Sale in Europe

Recently, there are many customers inquiry about biomass shredder from Europe market, let us talk about and introduce the biomass shredding technology today! The common end uses of biomass shredding can be divided into three categories: 1 Incineration, 2 Papermaking, 3 Fermentation; The use of the terminal determines the discharge size of biomass shredding Papermaking and fermentation require that the discharge size is usually about 30mm-50mm, so it generally needs to be crushed to a smaller particle size to meet the subsequent processing requirements. However, as biomass uses more cogeneration, the discharge size of materials does not need to be too strict. In terms of biomass crushing cogeneration, AIShred has quite rich experience. According to its case in Northeast China, materials up to 200mm after crushing can be directly used as alternative fuels in incinerators. Then the first consideration for biomass crushing is whether the material belongs to bundles or bulk materials, and the second is the

Waste Shredder for Sale in Ireland and the Whole EuropeWaste Shredder for Sale in Ireland and the Whole Europe

Now, there are new options for waste projects in Ireland, you no longer need to buy expensive European goods, AIShred's range of waste shredders have the quality of European shredders, but you don't have to pay that much to do it Buy. AIShred's industrial shredders are sold throughout Europe, transported by container ships to local ports. The high-quality shredders offered by AIShred in Ireland and Europe include single-shaft shredders, dual-shaft shredders and quad-shaft shredders, which can be used for primary, secondary, tertiary or even quaternary shredding for solid waste treatment. Their shredding principles are different, and they can handle all solid wastes from municipal solid waste, industrial and commercial waste, construction and demolition waste, hazardous waste, waste tires, and kitchen waste. AIShred is an ambitious manufacturer of industrial shredders and crushers, whose main business is to provide customers with customized equipment and solid waste disposal solutions. AIShred cooperates with

Industrial Shredder ManufacturersIndustrial Shredder Manufacturers

With its wide experience in the field, AIShred is one of the industrial shredder manufacturers gained a reliable position in the sector. It has become a preference for big companies. It increases its business volume day by day with worldwide sales and continues to add value to its customers with its R&D studies and innovative understanding. AIShred is one of the industrial shredder manufacturers that has its resources for the production and shows its difference compared to many manufacturers with its self-sufficiency in all production processes. The industrial shredders and equipment that it produces are made of the highest quality material, thus working for many years while maintaining their efficiency.AIShred Industrial Shredder ManufacturersIndustrial shredder manufacturers provide high-tech material processing for many applications, such as Domestic waste disposal, construction demolition waste disposal, tire recycling, industrial waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal, alternative fuel production, etc

Twin-Shaft Shredder for Sale in EuropeTwin-Shaft Shredder for Sale in Europe

If you are looking to source solid waste shredders within Europe, you may be interested in learning about our twin shaft shredders. Our two-shaft shredders are slow-running rotary shears that are mainly used for pre-shredding different materials. Depending on the type of waste and the throughput, we recommend models from our small, medium or heavy series. The AIShred twin-shaft shredders work according to the following principle: The material is fed into the cutting unit via a hopper. A cutting knife shaft system, consisting of two shafts with offset arranged knives, draws in the input material and shreds it in strips. The width of the strips is determined by the blade width. Side-mounted scrapers ensure that the material is scraped down and not pulled back in. The slow speed of our twin-shaft shredders guarantees low-noise and low-dust operation.AIShred Shredder AdvantagesOversized and involute toothed cutter shaftsThe use of simple and inexpensive hexagonal cutter blocks is widespread with rotary shears,