Solid Waste Sorting Plant Introduction

Sorting is carried out to segregate the waste into different streams to fulfil one or more of the objectives listed above. Accordingly the waste should be divided into the following streams:

  • Dry Recyclables
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Biodegradable waste
  • Bulky Waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Mixed MSW (often referred to as comingled waste)

Waste Sorting Plant

Mixed waste should be sorted into the various streams either at a transfer station or at a centralised sorting facility. If this is not feasible, mixed waste can be sent to a waste processing facility which has a well designed pre-sorting/post-sorting facility where the mixed waste can be sorted into separate streams. Mixed waste not found suitable for processing should be landfilled.

Waste Sorting Plant Process

Sorting can be carried out manually or through semi-mechanised and fully mechanised systems.

Manual Sorting

  1. unloading the waste
  2. manually (with protective measures) spreading the waste
  3. hand picking (with protective measures) visually identifiable waste for reuse
  4. collecting and stockpiling the remaining waste

Semi-Mechanised Sorting

  1. unloading of waste (mechanised)
  2. loading of waste on conveyor belts (mechanised)
  3. hand picking of visually identifiable waste off the belt for reuse (manual)
  4. collecting, stocking and reloading the remaining waste (mechanised)

Fully Mechanised Sorting

  1. unloading of waste
  2. size reduction of waste through shredders and crushers
  3. size separation of waste using screening devices
  4. density separation (air classification) of waste
  5. magnetic separation of waste
  6. compaction of waste through balers/crushers
  7. reloading of waste

Semi - mechanised and fully mechanised systems are used at central sorting facilities.

If a waste processing facility is receiving predominantly mixed waste in large quantities, the pre-sorting facility at such a site should be akin to a central sorting facility having semi-mechanised systems capable of sorting the mixed waste into various waste streams. Such a pre-sorting facility should have the following components : (1) conveyer belts for picking-off-the-belt; (2) screening devices for size separation; (3) magnetic separators and (4) shredders/ crushers for size reduction and (5) ballistics separators. The pre-sorting facility should be designed with adequate storage space as well as standby equipment to take care of system breakdowns.

GEP ECOTECH Waste Sorting Plant Solution

As we have repeatedly stated on this website, GEP ECOTECH is a provider of complete solid waste disposal solutions. We provide waste sorting, recycling, energy and pre-landfill volume reduction solutions and all equipment for city authorities and waste management contractors.

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