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The ballistic separator is a device designed to separate solid waste based on their fractions, geometric shape, and density. Ballistic separators separate waste of various compositions into three fractions. Paddles throw the waste forward and up, and the individual physical characteristics of the waste components define their flight path, leading to successful waste separation. Thus, high-precision separation of waste into light and heavy, flat and volumetric, large and small components is carried out.

Ballistic Separator

The ballistic separator is a mechanical device that operates based on the principle of ballistic separation. The machine has an inclined slope and is turned by six perforated plates called blades. These blades move in opposite phase to each other with the help of several crankshafts and segregate mixed waste efficiently. The ballistic separator segregates the waste into different fractions based on their shape, size, and density. The waste is segregated into heavy, medium, and light fractions that can be further recycled.

Ballistic separators can be used in various applications, including municipal solid waste recycling, construction and demolition waste, commercial and industrial waste, and agricultural waste. The separated fractions can be further recycled effectively, leading to a safer and cleaner environment.

The ballistic separator can work together with other equipment as part of the waste sorting line. Our equipment includes various crushing, shredding and sorting, conveying equipment, etc., which works effectively to complete the task of waste volume reduction and recycling.

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