The Use of Waste Furniture After Crushing

In fact, waste furniture has many uses after being crushed. The recycled waste furniture contains a lot of wood materials. After processing, these wood materials will be turned into fuel and supplied to the power plant. The combustion value is equivalent to the heat of burning 428.5 kg of standard coal. In the recycling of waste furniture, not only wood can be smashed and reused, but various waste materials from furniture dismantling can also be smashed and classified by machines to achieve 100% treatment and utilization.

How to crush waste furniture and reuse it

The waste furniture is sent to the conveyor belt in batches and enters the high-power bulky waste shredder. The shredder uses the principle of mutual shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating knives to shred the material. The waste furniture is quickly cut and shredded into small pieces. After crushing, the materials are transported to the magnetic separator. Under the action of magnetic force, metal objects such as iron nails, iron wires, and iron sheets will be automatically sorted out for centralized recycling and reuse. . The rest of the material is sent to the transfer vehicle, waiting for the next step to be made into fuel or other processing steps to achieve pulverization and reuse.

Crushed waste furniture

What equipment does the waste furniture crushing production line have?

Taking GEP ECOTECH as an example, the waste furniture crushing production line generally includes bulky waste crusher, iron-removing magnetic separator, chain conveyor, dust removal system, discharge conveyor belt, intelligent monitoring and smart bulky waste collection and transportation IOT management system . Through crushing, sorting and other disposal processes, waste reduction, recycling, harmlessness and resource utilization are realized.

Waste furniture crushing production line

Waste furniture has many uses after being smashed. In the past, the disposal of waste furniture was mainly landfill. Now, the furniture waste after crushing can be turned into usable materials, which is conducive to helping cities better implement waste classification. GEP ECOTECH has mature experience in the production of waste furniture crushing machine. The projects are all over the world. If you have any questions about waste furniture crushing, please contact us!

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