Disposal Process of Bulky Waste

Disposal process of Bulky waste: Bulky waste (sofa, mattress, furniture, etc.) is put into the chain conveyor manually or by a grab truck, and the chain conveyor sends Bulky waste into the primary shredder for shredding (shearing, crushing, tearing). The shredded materials (discharge particle size less than 300mm) are crushed by the secondary shredder (discharge particle size less than 100mm), The air separator separates the shredded material into two types: heavy material and light material, and the light material enters the RDF pelleting machine to make RDF fuel; Heavy materials (mainly metal and wood) are separated by magnetic separators to obtain pure wood. Metal is a recyclable material, and wood can be used as fuel for biomass thermal power plants or reused into plywood. The dust generated during shredding is collected through dust collectors, and the final gas emissions meet environmental requirements.

Bulky Waste Recycling Line

The recycling production line for bulky waste disposal can not only solve the problem of garbage siege, but also make rational resource utilization of Bulky waste.

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