AIShred New Upgrade Four-Shaft Shredder

GEP ECOTECH presented the new industrial shredder series at new factory in XinXiang Zhengzhou. This is the new family of 4-shaft shredders which is added to the already wide range of products.

Four-Shaft Shredder

The new shredder is available in 4 versions to offer a modular choice suitable for multiple industries and needs. The various models are designed to process materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, hospital waste, wood and post consumer products in aluminum and plastic, packaging and much more.

The machine is aimed at all those applications where it is necessary to control the final volume of the processed material. Customization is achieved by playing on the size of the selection grid and on the thickness of the blades in order to obtain the required material size.

At the management level, the machine is equipped with a management and control PLC, with components that, allow communication and control of the machine in line with the most advanced needs of the Internet of Things.

The revolution of this shredder series starts with maintenance. Strengthened by experience and constant dialogue with partners and customers, the goal that the company set itself in the design and development phase was to facilitate and minimize maintenance times on the machine. The machine body, in fact, was conceived according to a modular model that can be reassembled through a series of modules.

In addition to this ease of assembly, the designers have also introduced another innovation that allows to speed up the resumption of operations when replacing the blade sets: worn components or in need of sharpening can be removed from the chamber without disassembling the blades for be replaced with others already equipped with new blades. The simplicity of this operation represents a great innovation.

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