Waste Sorting Plant

A Waste Sorting Plant is a system of technical equipment for the disposal of waste that fills landfills and the creation of new products from the resulting raw materials.


AIShred MSW Technology: Turn Waste Into High-quality Fuel

Facts: Municipal solid waste contains a large amount of high calorific value components, which will not be effectively utilized if the waste is directly incinerated or filled up. Through the existing thermal power plants, thermal power plants, cement plants for coupling power generation, co-disposal, combined with RDF fuel briquetting production technology, without landfill, without large investment in the construction of waste incineration power plant, urban household waste, industrial solid…


Solid Waste Sorting Plant Introduction

Sorting is carried out to segregate the waste into different streams to fulfil one or more of the objectives listed above. Accordingly the waste should be divided into the following streams:Dry RecyclablesConstruction and demolition wasteBiodegradable wasteBulky WasteHazardous wasteMixed MSW (often referred to as comingled waste)Waste Sorting PlantMixed waste should be sorted into the various streams either at a transfer station or at a centralised sorting facility. If this is not feasible,…


Domestic Waste Pretreatment Production Line

The composition of domestic waste is different in different regions, seasons and periods. It mainly includes kitchen waste, paper waste, waste textile waste, plastic waste, residue waste, waste metal waste and waste glass.At present, in most areas of China, domestic waste is mainly collected in a mixed way without effective classification, so domestic waste will contain a large number of organic components such as kitchen waste, accounting for 50% - 60%. The high content of kitchen waste also…


Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Plant for Sale

Waste sorting plants are industrial plants that treat industrial and consumer solid waste (both mixed and collected separately) in order to extract useful and valuable materials for sale, or further processing(for example, as fuel or for biological treatment). Waste sorting plants are replacing labor with machines because it can improve work efficiency and reduce costs.Municipal solid waste sorting plants are designed for the treatment of waste from the residential, commercial and industrial…


Waste Sorting Plant for Sale

The growth of the economy and the improvement of living standardshas led to the generation of a large amount of waste, and at the same time, increasingly strict environmental regulations require us to adopt and change advanced waste management technology. In addition, the use of secondary raw materials obtained from MSW is most relevant in the current depleted state of natural resources. It is also impossible not to consider the issue of waste recycling from an economic point of view. Why throw…