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The sorting of mixed solid waste remains a challenge. GEP ECOTECH is committed to reducing the number of workers in waste management by developing and implementing advanced technologies. However, new technologies often come with various uncertainties. At the same time, due to better sorting results or lower labor costs, manual sorting is still the first choice in many projects.

The waste picking station or manual sorting platform is a modular enclosed unit that can be seamlessly integrated with various waste disposal production lines. It provides workers with a safe and comfortable working environment, allowing for flexible adaptation to different waste management processes.

Waste Picking Station

GEP ECOTECH designs and manufactures customized waste picking stations, mobile or fixed, number of stations, adjustable speed conveyors, air conditioning and other customization options.

We also provide a variety of mature mechanical sorting equipment that can work together with waste picking stations to reduce workers' workload and ensure continuous operation of the production line.

GEP ECOTECH's sorting solutions can be used for various solid waste sorting operations, including industrial and commercial waste, municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, plastics, wood, garden waste, etc.

A Waste Recycling Center Schematic Diagram
A Waste Recycling Center Schematic Diagram

We provide all equipment for solid waste management and recycling projects, from sorting to shredding/crushing to screening/grading, briquetting/granulation, and can design overall solutions.

We have small quantities in stock and custom equipment lead times are as short as 10 days, contact me for more information.

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