Biomass straw shredder for your disposal

The burning of crop straw is currently being banned by the state, with radio stations, banners and mobile publicity vans appearing in the streets and lanes every busy season. "A series of slogans such as "Burning straw, fines and detention" and "Straw burning is everyone's responsibility" have made straw something that everyone shouts at, but in fact it is not. The right place, the straw will be burned, not only the state support, and to solve the rural problems, that straw is an incomparable resource, that time and place is what - incineration power.


However, the size of biomass straw is too large to directly enter the boiler for combustion. GEP ECOTECH provides you with professional biomass combustion pre-treatment solutions, using it's independently developed and produced biomass double-shaft shear shredder, which uses two rotating shafts in opposite directions for shearing and tearing to shred the straw to the size required by the boiler, and the material of the equipment is made of imported alloy materials through heat treatment and finishing. The equipment is made of imported alloy materials, heat-treated and finely processed to ensure high quality; intelligent control is used to ensure safe and stable operation of the equipment; after-sales service is available online to solve your problems anytime and anywhere to ensure you have no worries, we don't produce resources, we are just a mover of resources.

There is no useless material, there are only misplaced resources, "turning waste into treasure" "recycling of resources, achieving harmony between man and nature", you have the need, we have the equipment and the ability to work together, together to create value, you are welcome to call us at any time, we will arrange professional staff and you contact.

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