Exploring the Versatility and Benefits of Straw Shredder Applications

Biomass shredding, the main materials are agricultural and forestry waste straw (to include corn stalks and rice straw mainly), tree branches, tree trunks, tree roots, reed straw, other crop stalks (such as sweet potato vines, bean stalks)

GEP Ecotech biomass double shaft shredder, drawing on North American technology equipment, through innovative product design,realizes the use principle of material shearing and shredding integration. It can shred materials to a smaller size, and for each other bundles, round bundles, loose materials have a better shredding effect. Biomass shredder is often used in many fields, including biomass direct-fired power plants, biomass biogas projects, livestock feed, paper industry and other biomass reuse fields.

biomass double shaft shredder

Advantages of straw shredder

A.Saving labor: the use of straw shredder can greatly reduce manual labor and improve the efficiency of straw processing.

B.Improve the utilization value of straw: the shredded straw can be used to make feed, biomass fuel, organic fertilizer, etc., increasing the utilization value of straw.

C.Reduce transportation cost: the volume of shredded straw is greatly reduced, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

D.Protect the environment: rational use of straw can reduce the pollution of the environment and promote the sustainable development of agriculture.

biomass waste

Application fields of straw shredder

A.Making feed: the shredded straw can be used as feed for ruminants such as cattle, sheep, horses, etc. to improve the nutritional value of the feed.

B.Biomass energy: the shredded straw can be made into biomass pellet fuel for power generation and heating.

C.Organic Fertilizer: The shredded straw can be used as raw material for organic fertilizer, which can be used to improve the soil after fermentation.

D.Horticulture and greening: The shredded straw can be used as mulch for horticulture and greening to maintain soil moisture and inhibit weed growth.

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