The Necessity of Decoration Waste Classification

With the rapid development of domestic socio -economic development and the acceleration of urbanization, people's material foundations are continuously enriched, and more and more garbage, especially in building decoration, has become the main obstacle to the people's quality of life.

The advantages of decorating garbage classification are also obvious. The main reason is to use the decoration garbage classification equipment to deal with resource treatment of domestic garbage, accurately classify urban domestic waste, and then adopt appropriate treatment methods according to their different properties to enable them to recycle. Professionals can achieve harmless garbage, reduce the number, and convert damage into profits. It can also reduce human demand for natural resources and achieve sustainable use of resources. Therefore, the development prospects of construction waste classification equipment are very broad. In addition, materials with strong adaptability, high viscosity, high humidity, dirty, and miscellaneous properties can be diversified, that is, artificial and mechanical transmission, which can be produced on a large scale. The screen network is designed with a flat steel ring, with good wear resistance, long service life, simple structure, and convenient maintenance.

wind sifter

Decoration garbage classification equipment is currently a common garbage treatment equipment in urban construction waste, which is mainly suitable for urban and rural domestic garbage, industrial waste, construction waste.

The wind sifter separator in the decoration garbage classification equipment is a device that uses the principle of aerodynamics to classify materials. The equipment is mainly separated according to the weight of different density substances in the garbage to achieve the purpose of classification and recycling. The equipment is low, low noise, large processing, and high degree of automation. It can be widely used in small and medium -sized garbage treatment plants.

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