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Construction waste is generated from the various construction activities of building, maintaining, renovating, and demolishing infrastructure facilities. This is not only concrete, bricks, pieces of metal, but also dismantled doors and windows, removed linoleum, old wallpaper and so on. A common name for construction debris is construction and demolition waste(C&D waste).

Construction debris must be disposed of for a fee by specialized organizations that have the appropriate license. So, many waste management companies and other investor interested in entering this field.

How to Recycling Construction Debris

There are many valuable substances in Construction Debris, metals and large wood can be recycled, small wood and plastic waste can be made into alternative fuels, concrete and bricks can be made into recycled aggregates and building fillers.

After being processed by a Construction Waste Treatment Facility, only a very small portion of materials goes to landfills.

Construction Waste Treatment Facility

Equipment for Processing Construction Debris

Construction debris management has different processes for different types of construction projects. These different processes are followed depending on whether the site is a new construction or demolition site. These processes aim to efficiently utilize the waste generated out of the C&D. It has been proven statistically, throughout history, that demolition sites have had more debris generation than construction sites. The debris generation out of these demolition sites stood as high as 95% more than the new construction sites. This means that demolition sites will have more recoverable material than new construction sites. Hence, different processes are used at demolition sites than that used at construction sites.

So, at a construction debris recycling plant, there are many different equipments used, including crushers, grinders shredders, vibrating screens, trommel screens, air separators, water separators, magnetic separators and so on. These machines may be mobile versions or work in a stationary workshop.

Mobile Crusher

GEP ECOTECH designs and manufactures Machines for Processing Construction Waste

GEP ECOTECH provides comprehensive solutions for waste management companies. Our machines cover the range of municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, kitchen waste, industrial and commercial waste, hazardous waste, textiles, electronic waste, etc.

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