Cement Plant Refuse Derived Fuel System

The cement industry is undergoing a positive and remarkable transformation: replacing fossil fuels with refuse derived fuels (RDF), solid recover fuels (SRF) or biomass. This measure helps to reduce carbon emissions, achieve more environmentally friendly cement production processes, and fulfill the commitment of cement enterprises to sustainable development.

Refuse Derived Fuel

GEP ECOTECH is committed to promoting sustainable development in the cement industry, and we offer a variety of innovative alternative fuel solutions for this purpose. Our solutions cover various kinds of materials and feeding requirements, tailoring the best solutions for customers to ensure stable and high-quality fuel supply.


Shredding System

A powerful shredding system is the key to the successful production of high-quality RDF/SRF. GEP ECOTECH's multi-stage shredding system doesn't fear the challenges of complex materials. From pre shredder to shearing shredder, and the eye-catching single shaft shredder, our shredders' durability and trouble free running time far exceed those of its competitors, and its energy consumption ratio is also outstanding.

Sorting System

Sorting of inert materials is crucial in the production of high-quality fuels. The efficient sorting combination of GEP ECOTECH can minimize labor cost and operate continuously to sort impurities, ensuring the continuous supply of fuels.

RDF Pelleting System

Need to produce RDF/biomass pellets? No problem, GEP ECOTECH's RDF pelleting system can granulate various materials, reduce volume, and increase calorific value.

The alternative fuel system of GEP ECOTECH has achieved good application results not only in cement plants, but also in various fields such as waste recycling centers, paper mills, MSW disposal centers, and commercial RDF factories.

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