Waste Shredding and Solid Secondary Fuel(SSF) Production for Waste-to-Energy

Solid Secondary Fuel (SSF) is a fuel obtained from the dry component (plastic, paper, textile fibres, etc.) of non-hazardous waste, whether urban or special, by means of special separation treatments from other non-combustible materials such as glass, metals and inert materials (UNI 15358).

An important work direction of GEP ECOTECH: energy from waste. GEP ECOTECH is a leading supplier of shredding technologies and waste-to-fuel overall solution. It is able to provide customers with high quality installations for the storage, dosage, transport and mechanical treatment of a wide variety of materials, in order to obtain a product free of foreign bodies and impurities. In this way, municipal waste can be turn secondary solid fuels. GEP ECOTECH also supplies high performance multi-stage shredding systems for the production of secondary solid fuel in cement factories. GEP ECOTECH is able to produce tailor-made solutions for each individual application.

Waste Shredding Plant

GEP ECOTECH is a leading provider of recycling and waste treatment technologies. Our main products include powerful energy-efficient shredders capable of effectively processing different types of post-consumer and post-industrial plastics, fabrics, fibers, wood waste, urban, commercial and industrial waste. Even in cases where the input material is difficult to process, customers always get a consistently high quality output.

GEP ECOTECH has placed customer problem solving at the center of its activities. Decisive in this regard are consultancy in the preliminary phase, the creation of a robust design, excellent value for money and correct order management.

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