Waste Crusher

AIShred designs and manufactures crushers, shredders and other reduction machines for solid waste management for material and energy recovery, volume reduction and destruction and other applications.


Mobile Industrial Shredders and Crushers for Sale

In waste management and recycling applications, permanent stationary equipment is used in most cases, but in some special areas movable machines are being used. For example, in temporary waste dumps and demolition sites, mobile shredder and crusher plants are widely used due to their good passability and mobility.For small processing needs, some enterprises or individuals are accustomed to renting mobile equipment for temporary processing. Leasing companies have seen these business…


Jaw Crusher for Sale in Poland

A jaw crusher for sale in Poland is a type of crusher that uses jaw compression to break up pieces of material. The jaw crusher is a versatile material crushing machine. It is applied on rocks of any strength, on slags, some metallic materials. Application not possible on viscoelastic materials such as wood, polymers, certain metal alloys. Input fineness reaches 1500 mm. The size of the finished product for small crushers is up to 10 mm. Jaw crushers are available in all crushing classes:…


Waste Shredding and Solid Secondary Fuel(SSF) Production for Waste-to-Energy

Solid Secondary Fuel (SSF) is a fuel obtained from the dry component (plastic, paper, textile fibres, etc.) of non-hazardous waste, whether urban or special, by means of special separation treatments from other non-combustible materials such as glass, metals and inert materials (UNI 15358).An important work direction of AIShred: energy from waste. AIShred is a leading supplier of shredding technologies and waste-to-fuel overall solution. It is able to provide customers with high quality…


The Second Life of Concrete

Today, the processing of construction waste is becoming a encouraged industry. This not only reduces damage to the environment, but also creates considerable economic profits. Secondary crushed stone from concrete of demolished buildings turns out to be much cheaper than natural, since the energy consumption for its production is 8 times less.Currently, in a number of large cities of the world, obsolete reinforced concrete structures are being demolished. At the enterprises producing reinforced…


Construction and Demolition Waste Crushing & Recycling

Solid waste from construction, demolition, maintenance and renovation activities not only takes up valuable urban space, but can also lead to soil and groundwater contamination, and many of the valuable materials it contains are a waste of resources. Resourceful disposal of construction and demolition waste can recover most valuable materials and reduce landfill space and environmental pollution.Construction and demolition waste consists of slag, mortar, wood, steel, concrete, gypsum, brick and…