Crushing Plant

A wide range of industrial crushers, entirely designed and manufactured in our plants, for multiple applications: C&D waste processing, aggregate crushing and sand shaping and more.

The Second Life of Concrete

Today, the processing of construction waste is becoming a encouraged industry. This not only reduces damage to the environment, but also creates considerable economic profits. Secondary crushed stone from concrete of demolished buildings turns out to be much cheaper than natural, since the energy consumption for its production is 8 times less.Currently, in a number of large cities of the world, obsolete reinforced concrete structures are being demolished. At the enterprises producing reinforced…

Construction and Demolition Waste Crushing & Recycling

Solid waste from construction, demolition, maintenance and renovation activities not only takes up valuable urban space, but can also lead to soil and groundwater contamination, and many of the valuable materials it contains are a waste of resources. Resourceful disposal of construction and demolition waste can recover most valuable materials and reduce landfill space and environmental pollution.Construction and demolition waste consists of slag, mortar, wood, steel, concrete, gypsum, brick and…

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher, VSI Crushing Plant

The Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is a type of centrifugal equipment that uses impact to crush stone to the size of natural sand, and is usually used to produce machine-made sand or to shape machine-made sand, so it is also known as a sand making machine. It consists of a frame, bearing barrel, rotor, lubrication system, etc. It crushes materials efficiently by stone hitting stone versus stone hitting iron.

Impact Crusher, Impact Crushing Plant

The Impact Crusher is a machine that crushes materials by impact, consisting of a drive section, rotor section, impact plate and frame. It is the star product in the field of construction and demolition waste disposal and recycled aggregate production due to its high crushing efficiency, good granularity and long service life.

Jaw Crusher, Jaw Crushing Plant

Jaw crushers are an extremely common crushing plant in quarries, mining plants and construction waste disposal centres, using compression to crush hard ore, concrete, brickwork, asphalt blocks and other materials. In solid waste disposal applications, jaw crushers are used to crush large and hard materials in construction and demolition waste.