Stone Crusher

AIShred provides a full range of Stone Crushers and Screening Machines for the C&D Waste Processing and Aggregate Industries. Stationary and Mobile Versions are available!.

AIShred Centrifugal Crusher for Sale

The AIShred centrifugal crusher GEV4000, with its small dimensions, is incredibly reliable and has a long service life, is not inferior in performance to its European and American counterparts, and if we talk about price, it completely surpasses them. With good quality, Chinese equipment is much cheaper than European brands.Very simple design and easy operationThe first advantage of this model is a very simple design and ease of operation. Two 55 kW motors are symmetrically opposite each other…

Jaw Crusher for Sale in Poland

A jaw crusher for sale in Poland is a type of crusher that uses jaw compression to break up pieces of material. The jaw crusher is a versatile material crushing machine. It is applied on rocks of any strength, on slags, some metallic materials. Application not possible on viscoelastic materials such as wood, polymers, certain metal alloys. Input fineness reaches 1500 mm. The size of the finished product for small crushers is up to 10 mm. Jaw crushers are available in all crushing classes:…

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher, VSI Crushing Plant

The Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is a type of centrifugal equipment that uses impact to crush stone to the size of natural sand, and is usually used to produce machine-made sand or to shape machine-made sand, so it is also known as a sand making machine. It consists of a frame, bearing barrel, rotor, lubrication system, etc. It crushes materials efficiently by stone hitting stone versus stone hitting iron.

Impact Crusher, Impact Crushing Plant

The Impact Crusher is a machine that crushes materials by impact, consisting of a drive section, rotor section, impact plate and frame. It is the star product in the field of construction and demolition waste disposal and recycled aggregate production due to its high crushing efficiency, good granularity and long service life.

Jaw Crusher, Jaw Crushing Plant

Jaw crushers are an extremely common crushing plant in quarries, mining plants and construction waste disposal centres, using compression to crush hard ore, concrete, brickwork, asphalt blocks and other materials. In solid waste disposal applications, jaw crushers are used to crush large and hard materials in construction and demolition waste.