AIShred Technology in Solve Shaft Winding Problem in Shredding of Municipal Solid Waste

The GEP ECOTECH MSW Shredder is not only high in shredding efficiency but also easy to maintain. However, the components of municipal solid waste are complex and diverse, which will inevitably cause equipment operation failure. For example, the problem of material winding is a headache for many customers and shredder manufacturers. How to solve these problems? Let follow the step of GEP ECOTECH to have a brief understanding.

Unique Anti-winding Device to Solve the Problem of Material Winding

Fixed Cutters of MSW Shredder

Due to the complexity and diversity of the shredded materials, the domestic waste shredder is likely to encounter problems such as shaft winding, shutdown, sudden power failure and abnormal noise during daily operation. GEP ECOTECH has successfully developed a unique anti-winding device according to the complexity of materials and the actual operation experience of many projects. During the process of cutting tools inside the domestic waste shredder, we have made special treatment to prevent the wrapping of various plastic bags, waste bags and other packages. In case of sudden conditions that cause the shredder to stop, the equipment can support reversing to quickly remove obstacles. Some special treatment has been made on the cutter material for the materials that can not be broken by the shredder, such as magnets and steel hard objects. However, when there are many iron-based materials, the iron separator magnetic separation device can be added before tearing. At the same time, during the daily use of the domestic waste shredder, it is necessary to try to avoid the phenomenon that there are too many waste materials, sometimes even occupying the feed inlet, which will cause the space in the shredder to be full and cannot operate normally.

Municipal solid waste is shredded by compression and shearing, which can fundamentally prevent the occurrence of shaft entanglement in the process of waste shredding by existing shredders. Compression pretreatment before shredding can effectively prevent the waste from winding the shredder. The occurrence of waste winding is related to the rigidity of the waste. The greater the rigidity of the winding, the less likely it is to bend when torn. The smaller the rigidity of the waste, the more likely it is to bend, and the more likely it is to wind when torn. Most of the organic wastes in urban domestic wastes are materials with low rigidity. Through compression pretreatment, the wastes with low rigidity can be integrated into a waste compression body with high rigidity, which can fundamentally solve the problem of waste entanglement.

The above is the solution to the problems such as material winding of domestic waste shredder introduced by GEP ECOTECH. If you have any questions about the shredder, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer them for you.

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