How Can MSW Be Converted into High Calorific Value Alternative Fuels?

Recently, many customers have inquired whether it is possible to convert all MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) into high calorific value RDF? Here, it should be explained that in the field of MSW classification, many countries and regions currently do not reach the level of complete segmentation. MSW is still mixed with a large amount of kitchen waste, as well as low calorific value non combustible materials such as porcelain chips and stones. It is impossible to make such materials into high calorific value alternative fuels. Therefore, before MSW can be converted into alternative fuels, a series of shredding and screening equipment must be used to separate the non combustible materials inside, and the remaining combustible materials can be processed into high calorific alternative fuels RDF/SRF.

MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)

The specific disposal process is as follows: MSW is transported to the MSW disposal center through specialized transportation vehicles, first dumped into the waste storage pit in the disposal center, and then collected and disposed of with filtered liquid in the storage pit. Then, the MSW is transported to the primary shredder through a chain plate conveyor, and the material is torn and shredded. The magnetic metals are separated and recycled from the shredded materials by the magnetic separator. The remaining materials enter the trommel screen, screened by which to separate impurities such as kitchen waste, residue, and stones. Kitchen waste and other waste can be made into humus through the process of high-temperature decomposition. The remaining materials enter the wind sifter and are separated into non combustible materials. The remaining combustible materials enter the single shaft fine shredder and are finely shredded, which can be directly baled in bulk or enter the RDF forming machine to form RDF rods.

MSW Disposal Process

Compared to traditional direct incineration disposal, the alternative fuel preparation process for MSW can better utilize MSW as a resource and classify different materials for recycling. If you would like to learn more about MSW disposal plans or quotations, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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