How to Choose the Right Shredder for Your Business

The market today presents a wide range of industrial shredders with different characteristics: low speed, high speed, primary, secondary, etc., and choosing the right shredder to meet the needs of the moment can be extremely difficult.

All the machines offer basic technology, and particular settings that could lead astray in the purchasing process.

In choosing the ideal machine for shredding waste, the characteristics to be taken into consideration today more than ever are therefore:

  • versatility
  • the speed of execution of the work
  • ease in maintenance operations

Quick and easy change of grids

The versatility of a shredder that allows you to process different types of waste, in the desired size, is due to its preliminary settings.

Through the adjustment of the grate it is possible to shred the waste in the desired size, but it is also through the time spent in its adjustment (and therefore of the machine downtime) that the real revenue coming from the machine is calculated.

The ability to change the grid in a very short time (10 minutes) means that the shredder is compatible with many materials such as: tires, fabrics, paper, MSW, etc.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is an aspect that must be taken into consideration when choosing the new shredder to buy. Thanks to the opening hatch, the GEP ECOTECH shredders allow easy and accessible maintenance; all the main parts of the machine can be inspected.

Therefore, even the daily cleaning and maintenance phase is facilitated, thanks to the openable casings that allow freedom of movement up to the engine.

Change of knives

The process of changing the knives is carried out with extreme ease thanks to the opening side door which gives quick access to the hopper and the rotor.

GEP ECOTECH shredders are designed to offer maximum capacity in terms of performance, versatility, speed and safety of use. Working with these machines saves time and money, while offering the highest quality in the finished product.

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