Recycling of Construction Waste

In the process of repair and construction, a large amount of waste is generated at the facilities. Construction waste can be divided according to dimensions: large, medium and small. The first group includes stones, reinforced concrete structures. To medium - fragments of bricks, pieces of wood or finishing materials, and to small construction waste - sand or concrete chips.

Theoretically, all construction waste can be used, but subject to separation. To do this, some companies provide large containers for the accumulation of construction waste separately by type: metal, plastic, glass, stones (brick, hardened mortar and concrete), wood. Such an organization of construction waste collection is beneficial for builders, since in this case the tariff for waste removal is lower. Companies involved in the disposal of construction waste get rid of the need to sort such waste.

Construction Waste Recycling Equipment

Stationary Crushing & Screening Plant

Untimely disposal of construction waste would lead to catastrophic environmental pollution, negative consequences for nature and human health. The use of waste accumulations as raw materials for the production of new materials is an economically viable solution. Various types of equipment are used for its processing.

Stationary Crushing & Screening Plant

Recycles any waste, regardless of its composition. At the initial stage, all scrap passes along the conveyor belt, it is manually sorted, removing polyethylene, plastic and other materials that are characterized by a long decomposition period.

Further, the garbage goes through several more stages, as a result of which it is crushed to the smallest possible fraction. The result is concrete, which is actively used for constuction and buildings.

Impact Crusher

The principle of their work is the high-speed rotation of the hammers. They grind all large pieces to a fine fraction. Even more efficient are installations where garbage is crushed under the influence of centrifugal force, which throws it onto special plates. It is designed to crush concrete and crushed stone.

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crushing Plant

The two surfaces of jaw crusher are called "jaws", can be used at the construction site. The principle of its operation is simple: the garbage falls on a fixed platform and is pressed by the second one, which moves up and down and rotates. Under pressure, concrete collapses and turns into crushed stone, the fractions of which can be controlled by the distance between the "jaws". In cone crushing plants, grinding takes place between the baffles of a pair of rotating cones.

Waste processing plants also use:

  • impact crushers
  • vibrating screens
  • industrial shredders

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