Mobile Construction Debris Shredder for Sale

For the disposal of construction debris, mobile temporary equipment is a better solution. GEP ECOTECH's mobile crushing and shredding machines have good flexibility and passability, and can meet any temporary disposal requirements of solid waste. We also have other supporting mobile screening systems for fine management of materials.

Waste Wood

For different types of construction debris, we have a variety of equipment to meet your recycling requirements, whether it is producing recycled sand and gravel aggregates, mortar, metal or wood chips/pellets.

How to get proposals and quotations?

Getting a free proposal and quote from us is easy, Just tell us your title, contact information and:

1. Details of the material

2. Processing capacity per hour/day

3. Terminal products and requirements

4. Venue information (if any)

After we receive your request, we will analyze it in detail, and will keep in touch with you on any unclear points during the period. Finally, you will get detailed equipment introduction, quotation and other technical details and clarification documents.

If you want to know more about us, please check our C&D Waste Processing Solution and Introduction About GEP ECOTECH.

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