OCC Waste Shredder

AIShred shredders are used in recycling and OCC waste processing applications to reduce various waste materials that differ in dimensions, sort, weight and composition to uniform shape and size for more efficient processing, storing and transportation.


OCC Waste Shredding Plant for Making Dry Recycled Pulp

Recycling of used corrugated cardboard has been a long-standing problem.Many of the materials currently on the market are still collected and packaged directly for sale, but in fact further processing of this material - into recycled paper , will have greater added value.Our complete disposal process is approximately: double-shaft shredder (as pre-shredding, discharge size about 15-20cm) + single shaft shredder (used as fine shredding, discharge size about 3cm) + magnetic separator + wet dust…


Old Corrugated Containers Waste Paper Shredder for Sale

Recently, there are many customers inquiry about the old corrugated containers(occ) waste paper shredder. The recycling of occ waste industry is an important factor for resource saving and cost optimization production. The corrugated waste produced in the manufacturing process of your product can become a valuable raw material for producing more new products through selective recycling. High performance corrugated paper shredder is the core equipment for processing corrugated paper, which has…


How to Choose the Right Shredder for Your Business

The market today presents a wide range of industrial shredders with different characteristics: low speed, high speed, primary, secondary, etc., and choosing the right shredder to meet the needs of the moment can be extremely difficult.All the machines offer basic technology, and particular settings that could lead astray in the purchasing process.In choosing the ideal machine for shredding waste, the characteristics to be taken into consideration today more than ever are therefore:…


Optimized Shredding System for Handle OCC Waste

OCC Waste means old corrugated cardboard waste. It is of high value and can be recycled to make new corrugated board, kraft paper, recycled paper or other products. In order to facilitate recycling and management, people have established different grades for different OCC waste, such as OCC 11 refers to Corrugated Containers, DS OCC 12 refers to Double Sorted Corrugated.Over the past few years, China has banned the import of OCC Waste, which means more OCC Waste will be processed locally.…