How to Select a Medical Waste Shredder?

Medical waste, as a special type of solid waste, must be properly disposed of in order to achieve harmless treatment. At present, the treatment methods for medical waste mainly include high-temperature incineration method, sanitary landfill method, pressure steam sterilization method, chemical disinfection method, dry heat shredding sterilization method, electromagnetic wave sterilization method, high-temperature pyrolysis sterilization method, etc. From these methods, it can be seen that sterilization and disinfection are the first step, after which it is basically necessary to shred medical waste before proceeding with the subsequent treatment processes.

Now, let's talk about how to select a medical waste shredder? Medical waste mainly includes various needles, syringes, infusion bags, protective clothing, surgical clothing, expired drugs, vaccines, and so on. These waste components are relatively complex, and there are many flexible materials. A double-shaft shearing shredder should be selected.

The double-shaft shearing shredder is driven by an electric motor with two cutter shafts rotating in opposite directions. The material is shredded through the cutting of adjacent movable cutters and the cutting of movable cutters and opposite spacers. The double-shaft shearing shredder has the characteristics of low speed and high torque, making it very suitable for shredding various solid waste. When choosing a double-shaft shearing shredder, you can understand the structure and quality of the equipment from multiple aspects, such as the material of the core parts, whether the movable cutters, cutter shafts, etc. are processed with high-quality raw materials? Does the processing technology ensure the necessary processing steps and processing accuracy? Is the device equipped with an intelligent control system? Is the operation convenient; Is maintenance convenient? These are the key factors that determine the quality of a shredding equipment.

The shredding amount of medical waste is usually not too large, so the selection of shredder is usually not large. Let's take a look at an on-site shredding of medical waste together. The materials shredded at the site are expired drugs and vaccines, which are lifted by a bucket elevator into a double shaft shearing shredder. The shredder shreds these medical waste into smaller sizes and discharges them through a belt conveyor. The process is simple, the operation is smooth. And since operation, it has been running smoothly without any faults.

double shaft shearing medical waste shredder

How to select a medical waste shredder? It is recommended to learn more about the quality control, production and processing, project cases, etc. of each manufacturer, and select reliable equipment after comprehensive comparison.

Should you have any inquiries for disposal of equipment for medical waste, please feel free to contact GEP ECOTECH at any time.

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