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The GEP ECOTECH centrifugal crusher GEV4000, with its small dimensions, is incredibly reliable and has a long service life, is not inferior in performance to its European and American counterparts, and if we talk about price, it completely surpasses them. With good quality, Chinese equipment is much cheaper than European brands.

GEP ECOTECH Centrifugal Crusher

Very simple design and easy operation

The first advantage of this model is a very simple design and ease of operation. Two 55 kW motors are symmetrically opposite each other, which ensures uniform tension, and this allows you to extend the life of the bearings. Many single motor machines have bearings that fail after about 5-7 months, and according to user reviews, GEV 4000 crushers have been running for several years on the same bearings. And even if repairs are needed, due to the simplicity of the design, it can be done on your own, without extra capital investment.

Product performance and quality

The second advantage is productivity and product quality. The productivity of the cycle center to center and on the sides is 50-90 tons per hour. Few can boast of such characteristics. Allows you to get cube-shaped crushed stone of fraction 0-20 with a flakiness of less than 10%. And this is far from a record. When crushing stone for the needs of road construction, this model showed a flakiness index of only 2-3%, while an acceptable 7-9%. And the resulting crushed stone is fully suitable for the new GOSTs.

It can work in severe weather conditions, which is also a useful feature that our road builders can appreciate.

Price more affordable than competitors

And the third advantage is a more affordable price than competitors. Models of the GEV series combine two types of crushing - "stone on stone" and "stone on iron".

The stone-on-stone type is used for highly abrasive materials, and the stone-on-iron type is used for slightly abrasive materials. The gravel production rate of the rock-on-iron type is 10%-20% higher than that of the stone-on-rock type.

The raw material is fed down through the top of the equipment into the impeller rotating at high speed, and under the action of high-speed centrifugal crushing force, it collides and crushes at high speed with another part of the raw material that has gone along the cone-shaped channel around the impeller. After the mutual collision of the raw materials, multiple vortex collision, grinding and grinding can again occur between the impeller and the casing. The output comes directly from the bottom, which forms a multiple closed loop.

By adjusting the screening equipment, it is possible to achieve the required size of the fraction of the finished product.

GEV series centrifugal crushers, including the GEV 4000 model, are designed for continuous operation. And this despite the fact that in a simple design there are no extra hydraulic drives, additional synchronization systems, and so on. The machine proves that a well-established simple mechanism can often be just as efficient and sometimes even more reliable than complex electronics and automation.

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