Jaw Crusher for Sale in Poland

A jaw crusher for sale in Poland is a type of crusher that uses jaw compression to break up pieces of material. The jaw crusher is a versatile material crushing machine. It is applied on rocks of any strength, on slags, some metallic materials. Application not possible on viscoelastic materials such as wood, polymers, certain metal alloys. Input fineness reaches 1500 mm. The size of the finished product for small crushers is up to 10 mm. Jaw crushers are available in all crushing classes: coarse, medium and fine.

Jaw Crusher for Sale in Poland

The principle of operation of the GEC jaw crusher is based on the compression of the material by the working surfaces (cheeks), which leads to the occurrence of high compressive and shear stresses that destroy the material.

Jaw crushers are best known and widely used for their reliable performance, low operating costs and high product quality.

Jaw crusher is a special machine designed for grinding and crushing hard materials, mainly mineral raw materials, suitable for crushing various rocks and slags, as well as for some types of metals. At the same time, it is unacceptable to use wood, some metal alloys, polymers and other viscoelastic materials for crushing.

Coarse jaw crusher provides output material up to 100 - 300mm, while medium crusher has 25 - 100mm and 5 - 25mm fine jaw crusher.

A jaw crusher can be used both independently and as part of a complex of a stationary or mobile crushing and screening plant.

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