Shear Shredder

AIShred has 1, 2 and 4-shaft shear shredders for sale, they are high or low speed, suitable for almost all types of size reduction applications.

Paper Industry Waste Shredder, AIShred Machine Turning Waste into Resources

Modern society has a huge demand for paper. In recent years, as environmental protection efforts have increased, traditional pulp and paper making has been greatly reduced and replaced by more environmentally friendly recycled paper making.However, due to the different ways and quality of waste paper recycling, recycled waste paper may be mixed with other impurities, resulting in a large amount of solid waste in the manufacturing process of recycled paper, also known as "recycled paper sludge".…

Universal Rotary Shear Twin-Shaft Shredder

AIShred rotary shear range includes various types differing in shaft length and installed power.The rotary shears are shredders with two rotors/shafts that can be supplied in two versions:rotary shears with two cutting shafts, equipped with 6 grippers for tearing materials;pre-shredder / ripper with two massive shafts designed to break the product.Any selected model of this equipment can operate in two modes: you can switch from the rotary shear option (product tearing) to the pre-shredder…

Rotary Shear Shredder for Sale

Shear shredding is a treatment applied to solid waste, which is generally relatively friable. It does not require any particular preparation of the waste (apart from a certain homogeneity of size).Rotary shear shredders are composed of shafts fitted with discshaped knives with one or more teeth. They are used in particular for crushing elastic, fibrous, soft or sticky products: wood, plastics, fiberglass, paper, tyres, etc. After this shredding, the products are sent to a finer shredder(If…

Four Shaft Shredder, Quad Shaft Industrial Shredder

The four-shaft shredder is a heavy-duty shear shredding plant that provides greater shear and higher throughput. Compared to the double-shaft shear shredder, the two extra shredding shafts not only allow it to "eat" the material better, with greater shear, but also ensure a more uniform discharge. The structure of the four-shaft shredder is more complex than the double -shaft, which adds to the difficulties of repair and maintenance.

Single Shaft Shredder, Waste Post-Shredding Machine

The single shaft shredder is a material shredding machine widely used in the recycling industry. It uses cutter grains on the shaft to shred the material in rotation, equipped with a press device that allows it to dynamically adjust the feed speed according to the load, and a standard screen to ensure that the material is discharged only after it has reached the required size.

Double Shaft Shear Shredder, Low Speed Waste Shredder

The double-shaft shredder is a universal material shredding machine that uses shearing and tearing to reduce the size of material. The main advantage of the double-shaft shear shredder comes from its low speed and high torque drive, which provides a high shear force for waste disposal applications while ensuring a low noise and low dust operating environment.