Pulper Waste Shredder

Pulper waste shredder treats twisted rope, light slag and other waste, making it possible to separate it from the metal. Output products are metals, solid recovered fuel. AIShred offers waste-to-fuel solutions for extensive of solid wastes.

Paper Mill Waste Utilization Direction: Convert to RDF using the AIShred Industrial Waste SystemPaper Mill Waste Utilization Direction: Convert to RDF using the AIShred Industrial Waste System

According to statistics, the paper waste residue produced by a recycled paper production plant with an annual output of 1.5 million tons is about 180,000 tons/year or more. When paper mills use recycled materials to make paper, the production process produces a large amount of waste materials, including stranded rope and light slag. For these paper waste residues, they can be reused in applications such as incineration for power generation, metal recycling, plastic regeneration, etc. after treatment through a reasonable process. Can paper mill waste be made into RDF fuel rods?Paper mill waste can be made into RDF fuel rods. Most of the solid wastes produced by paper mills are combustible materials, and only a small amount of materials with recycling value. After processing, paper mill waste can be made into RDF fuel rods, which can be used in large circulating fluidized bed boilers to mix and couple power generation and replace the use of coal-fired fuel in a large amount, saving a large amount of coal-fired

How to Deal with Paper Mill Waste?How to Deal with Paper Mill Waste?

Do you know how the paper we use every day is produced? Whether it is office paper, living paper, corrugated paper boxes, etc., paper is really important in our life. Traditional paper is produced from pulp. However, with the deepening of environmental protection concepts and the promotion of environmental protection policies, recycled paper has been slowly replacing traditional pulp paper. The rise of recycled paper has great significance for environmental protection and resource recovery. However, in the process of recycled paper making, a large amount of paper mill waste will be produced. According to statistics, the paper mill waste produced by a recycled paper mill accounts for about 12% of the recycled paper production. For example, a recycled paper mill with an annual output of 1 million tons will produce about 120 thousand tons of paper mill waste every year. If these paper mill residues are not properly treated, they will have a great impact on the environment, thus losing the significance of the

Paper Industry Waste Shredder, AIShred Machine Turning Waste into ResourcesPaper Industry Waste Shredder, AIShred Machine Turning Waste into Resources

Modern society has a huge demand for paper. In recent years, as environmental protection efforts have increased, traditional pulp and paper making has been greatly reduced and replaced by more environmentally friendly recycled paper making. However, due to the different ways and quality of waste paper recycling, recycled waste paper may be mixed with other impurities, resulting in a large amount of solid waste in the manufacturing process of recycled paper, also known as "recycled paper sludge". Paper waste can be divided into two categories: coarse material and fine material. Coarse material mainly from the pulping and slagging stage, mostly stranded rope; fine material mainly from the cleaning and screening stage, fine material can be divided into light slag and heavy slag. After a reasonable process, most of the screened slag can be made into SRF fuel, which is used for incineration and power generation. The waste shredding and processing system of environmental friendly paper mill adopts cutting-edge

Pulper Waste Recycling Shredder for SalePulper Waste Recycling Shredder for Sale

Large amounts of production waste are generated during paper manufacture. Wire clips, staples, nails, hooks, adhesive tapes, plastic tapes, cords and other foreign matter such as foil residues are bundled in loose rejects and pulper plaits. With the right shredding technology, this pulper waste can be made usable. A industrial recycling company uses double-shaft shredder from AIShred in its production facilities in South Korea. The shredded residues are used as a substitute fuel to generate energy. The AIShred shredder shred more than 100 tons of residues every day. They have two 100 kW electric drive, with the help of which the pulper braids are reduced to a grain size of

Paper Mill Pulping Waste & Light Residues utilizations for Alternative FuelPaper Mill Pulping Waste & Light Residues utilizations for Alternative Fuel

The global demand for various paper products is increasing day by day, which is causing paper mills (and recycled paper mills) everywhere to operate at full capacity, while also generating a large amount of solid waste, including pulp waste, twisted rope, light residue, steel wires, etc. Landfills cause pollution, and now paper mills have new options, It can be made into bulk fuels or RDF pellets after shredding, separation and dring. AIShred Industrial Waste Shredding PlantAIShred industrial waste shredding plant is specially designed to handle difficult-to-handle industrial materials. With high torque, it can easily shred materials to the required size(