How to Deal with Paper Mill Waste?

Do you know how the paper we use every day is produced? Whether it is office paper, living paper, corrugated paper boxes, etc., paper is really important in our life. Traditional paper is produced from pulp. However, with the deepening of environmental protection concepts and the promotion of environmental protection policies, recycled paper has been slowly replacing traditional pulp paper. The rise of recycled paper has great significance for environmental protection and resource recovery.

However, in the process of recycled paper making, a large amount of paper mill waste will be produced. According to statistics, the paper mill waste produced by a recycled paper mill accounts for about 12% of the recycled paper production. For example, a recycled paper mill with an annual output of 1 million tons will produce about 120 thousand tons of paper mill waste every year. If these paper mill residues are not properly treated, they will have a great impact on the environment, thus losing the significance of the recycled paper mill to contribute to environmental protection.

Paper Mill Waste

In fact, the waste residue of the paper mill can also be used for many purposes after treatment. It can be burnt for power generation, and resource recovery can achieve economic benefits. Paper mill waste mainly includes paper mill rope and paper mill light slag. Due to the mixing of various materials and the complex composition of the rope, it is relatively difficult to handle the rope. Light slag is mainly plastic, which is less difficult to treat. However, whether it is paper mill rope or paper mill light slag, the following processing steps are usually required:

Step 1: Shredding.

A large number of twisted ropes and light slag need to be shredded first. Usually, low-speed and high-torque double-shaft shearing shredder is used for shredding. The double-shaft shearing shredder can effectively shred the twisted ropes and light slag in bundles or bulk and further shred them into small pieces. Double-shaft shearing shredder is very suitable for the shredding of paper mill waste.

Industrial Shredder

Step 2: Sorting.

The metal and combustible materials in the waste residue of the paper mill can be separated by selecting magnetic separator or screening equipment.

After the first two steps of treatment, it can be further shredded or dried or made into RDF rods. The process requirements are also closely related to the use of backend.

Should you want to know more about the treatment method of paper mill waste, please contact AISHRED at any time. We will customize the equipment plan according to your actual needs and provide you with reliable equipment and perfect after-sales service according to our rich project experience.

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