RDF Shredders for Waste-to-Fuel

Derived fuel has the characteristics of high calorific value, stable combustion, easy transportation, easy storage and low secondary pollution, which is widely used in drying engineering, cement manufacturing, heating engineering and power generation engineering.

RDF raw materials mainly come from domestic waste, industrial waste, organic waste, etc. It contains waste paper, hard plastic, metal, glass, wood, rubber and other substances.

The coarse shredder and fine shredder meet the crushing requirements of RDF, greatly simplifying the RDF treatment process and realizing high economic and ecological value.

Indutrial Waste Shredder

Equipment Configuration

The crushing of this high mixture of materials places high demands on the crushing technology. The stable operation of the shredder requires high performance alloys and high reliability of the whole machine. This type of crushing requires a machine capable of handling hard materials such as metals and plastics.

To obtain a high quality RDF, the following steps need to be performed:

  1. Coarse shredder
  2. Sorting (wind sorting and bouncing sorting)
  3. Fine crushing
  4. Drying and pressing.

Single Shaft Fine shredder

Generally speaking, industrial waste refers to solid waste discharged from machinery, light industry and other industries in the production process, including a large number of waste paper products, waste plastics, rags, various textiles, waste rubber, leather products, waste wood and other high calorific value waste. The current treatment methods are traditional landfill, direct incineration for power generation and the latest mainstream RDF shredding line to crush domestic waste.

Due to various reasons such as environmental pollution, land waste, high transportation cost and low utilization rate, the traditional landfill and direct incineration for power generation are gradually abandoned.

Although the domestic waste shredding production line realizes the resourceful treatment of material crushing, volume reduction and metal sorting. To a certain extent, most of the crushed materials are still treated by direct incineration for power generation, and the resource utilization rate is still at a low level. Resource utilization rate of high domestic waste RDF shredding production line is a new way of recycling resources.

RDF crushing production line. The whole system adopts the combination of twin-shaft shredder and shredder to achieve sufficient crushing and capacity reduction for post-processing. The back end is equipped with iron removal magnetic separator and RDF forming machine, which can prepare loose solid waste into high density fuel pellets under certain conditions and improve the burning performance of fuel.

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