How can Construction Waste Disposal be Turned into a Treasure?

According to relevant statistics: China's annual production of construction waste more than 2 billion tons, about 8 times the amount of household waste generated, accounting for about 40% of the total amount of municipal solid waste generated, such a large proportion of the side also shows that the management of construction waste in the overall waste management occupies an important role, while the market size is huge, is still a blue ocean market, there will inevitably be a lot of environmental protection enterprises to enter this market.

Construction Waste

The main components of urban construction waste are slag, concrete blocks, masonry blocks, sand and mud, asphalt, metal, plastic, textiles, wood, foam, glass, etc. Most of them can be used as raw materials for new construction after treatment, concrete blocks can be made into recycled aggregates after treatment, 1 million tons of construction waste can be turned into 880,000 tons of recycled aggregates after treatment, which not only solves the problem of rubbish surrounding the city, but also protects the land resources and creates economic benefits, isn't it wonderful?

How can construction waste be treated? The workflow of the production line is that the construction waste is transported to the crushing equipment through the feeding equipment, and after one or two stages of crushing, the construction waste can be screened into the common 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-31.5 mm finished aggregates. In this process, other equipment such as wind separators and light material processors are used to separate out wood and plastic from the construction waste, which can also be used as a resource or incinerated for power generation, and the qualified aggregates can be sold to shine for our city.

Construction Waste Processing

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