Pre-Shredder Machine for Sale

May 12, 2022 147 AIShred

Pre-shredders are heavy duty machines used in waste treatment centers. They are used to coarsely grind bulky waste to reduce its volume. This treatment may be mandatory before passing through finer shredders.

The Pre-shredder is driven by hydraulics and has a strong torque, it can shred different materials. They can thus be used for the treatment of municipal solid waste, industrial and commercial waste, wood or even metal.

Pre-shredder Pre-shredder

How to choose a pre-shredder?

Certain criteria must be considered before embarking on the acquisition of a pre-shredder. It is therefore necessary to assess the type of material that the machine will be required to shred. This will determine the shredding technology towards which to move. It is also necessary to take into account the volume of products to be processed.

Pre Shredder Industrial Shredder for Sale Heavy Duty Shredder Machine
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