AIShred, New Industrial Shredder for Tires

Apr 8, 2022 434 AIShred

AIShred is completing the design of a new industrial shredder specific for the treatment of waste tires.

In terms of waste tire management, AIShred confirms that it is always attentive to the increasingly demanding demands of the market. With the aim of aligning with the terms of quality of the shredded tire, AIShred is completing the design of a new shredder capable of:

AIShred expects the first machine to be ready by May, it will be installed at one of the company's customers in Thailand with whom there is already a supply agreement.

Industrial Shredder for TiresIndustrial Shredder for Tires

The company's expectations on the success of this new project are very high with the aim of placing 10 machines in the second half of 2022.

However, the AIShred research department is also active in the development of complete and automated lines for the treatment of tires, with the aim of raising standards also in grinding and granulation, to obtain a clean product that can be used in various applications, from flooring road to the production of articles: technical, sound-absorbing, anti-shock, urban furniture, etc.

Despite the experience and references in China and around the world, AIShred continues its mission to bring cutting-edge solutions with an eye to management costs which, in such a selective market, play a primary role.

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