How to Buy Waste Plastic Shredder Machine in Malaysia?

The complete set of plastic waste shredder is generally composed of conveyor, pre-shredder, magnetic separator, fine shredder and intelligent control system. The forklifts deliver the piles of plastic waste to the feeding port of the production line, enter the primary crushing, magnetic sorting, and then enter the secondary crushing through the feeding conveyor, and undergo sorting to obtain different types of products. There are many manufacturers and models of complete sets of plastic shredders.How to buy waste plastic shredder machine in Malaysia?We must remember the following three points.

Complete set of plastic waste shredder

Recognize the crushing effect you want

We need to have a clearer positioning of our needs. For example, the complete set of plastic shredder equipment is used to shred large pieces or small scraps? What is the output demand? If you don’t know what you want, the equipment you buy back often fails to meet the disposal requirements in the follow-up work.

Recognize equipment brand

Good plastic shredder complete sets of equipment manufacturers often sell not equipment, but brand and reputation, so there will be no cutting corners in the selection of equipment materials and accessories. Especially for the selection and manufacture of bearings and equipment housings, different materials will cause great differences in equipment quality. The thin bearing seat will make the overall rigidity of the equipment too poor. The naked eye can see that the equipment is shaking after starting. If it encounters materials that are slightly difficult to break, it will cause problems such as shaft breakage, and even cause serious injury to personnel.

Recognize the need for automation

In this era of automation, labor is undoubtedly a more expensive investment. The equipment is placed there as a one-time investment. At most, the replacement of daily maintenance parts will cost a little bit, but it is also much smaller than the labor cost, and the workshop With a high degree of automation, the possibility of work-related injuries will be reduced. Therefore, many manufacturers have chosen the two additional functions of automatic feeding and suction storage to solve long-term concerns with a one-time investment. For example, the entire production process of GEP's intelligent plastic shredder equipment is highly automated, and only 2-3 workers can complete the operation, saving material operating costs and labor costs.

As a pioneer in the utilization of solid waste resources, GEP ECOTECH, a complete equipment provider of intelligent plastic shredders, adheres to the quality to build the brand, the service enhances the value, and the product quality continues to move to a higher level. You are always welcome to come to inquire about the details of the complete set of plastic shredders! GEP ECOTECH, the solid waste shredding expert around you!

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